LYNNFIELD — The South Lynnfield Post Office isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The Select Board unanimously approved a new lease agreement with the United States Postal Service for the South Lynnfield Post Office during a recent meeting. Select Board Chairman Joe Connell recalled that the 2022 Fall Town Meeting approved Article 9, which authorized the board to enter into a new lease agreement with the United States Postal Service for the rental of the Salem Street Post Office.

“The lease provides a five-year term with three five-year renewals at the option of the United States Postal Service,” said Connell. “It also provides for the escalation of monthly lease payments for the term of the contract.”

Town Administrator Rob Dolan recalled that townspeople frequently informed local officials that they wanted to keep the South Lynnfield Post Office while the $63.5 million public safety buildings and Town Hall project was being discussed last year. A new Fire Headquarters is going to be built next to the current South Fire Station and Post Office. South Station will be razed once the new Fire Headquarters is built.

“The people of Lynnfield value the Post Office,” said Dolan. “It’s a full-service Post Office in South Lynnfield that is one of the most used in the region. One of the discussions we had was whether we wanted to keep it or eliminate the entire building. Due to overwhelming requests and working with people, we decided to keep it.”

Dolan said the South Lynnfield Post Office extension runs through 2041.

“The current contract ends in 2026,” said Dolan. “We will have three five-year agreements. Each one has a kicker for increased rent. Currently, rent for both the Post Office and the dance school is $90,000 per year. That is going to go up for the next several years.”

Dolan also noted that the South Lynnfield Post Office’s door will be relocated to the front of the building. He also said the parking area will be increased in order to accommodate people with disabilities, seniors and families with young children.

“We are going to have a real solid Post Office in town that provides passport service, boxes and everything else through 2041,” said Dolan.

Connell expressed his support for the revised lease agreement. He recalled that the Post Office and Chiampa Dance Studio are located in the old South Hall building at 598 Salem St.

Select Board member Dick Dalton also said he supported the lease agreement for the South Lynnfield Post Office.

“I think it’s a great move,” said Dalton.

Select Board member Phil Crawford concurred with his colleagues’ sentiment.

“I am very glad the Postal Service agreed to this,” said Crawford.

After the discussion, the Select Board approved the South Lynnfield Post Office lease.