Published in the July 13, 2016 edition.

WAKEFIELD — Is there a streetlight out in your neighborhood? Have you seen a sidewalk tripping hazard that needs attention? A loose manhole cover on the street? Trash blowing around on a windy day? Is there some unsightly graffiti that needs to be removed?

With a new mobile app, the town’s 24,000+ citizens are now able to report non-emergency, quality-of-life issues directly to the right town department from their phones or computers.

Once you install “SeeClickFix” on your phone, Town Administrator Stephen P. Maio said, you can snap a picture of the problem, the app’s GPS feature will record your location and your report will go directly into the DPW’s work order system. You’ll then be updated with status reports on what’s being done about the issue.

“We as a community are thrilled to be partnering with the state through SeeClickFix to not only provide better service to our citizens and guests but also to gain valuable analytical information in the formulation of better management policies,” Maio said.

Maio said that SeeClickFix is linked directly to the DPW’s work order system, as most of the issues the app is designed to report would fall under the Public Works Department’s jurisdiction. If an issue relates to another department, report will either be forwarded along or the reporting party with be advised on where to report the issue.

Maio said that the town was looking for a way to provide their citizens with a more convenient, speedy way to report issues — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. SeeClickFix, he said, will help Wakefield to be more responsive to citizens, giving them a sense that they are being heard.

“It’s really a way to allow the public to interact with the town in our mobile society,” Maio said. “It’s a way to help citizens engage us better.”

SeeClickFix is available for either iPhone or Android.