THE SUNTAUG LAKE INN was in business from 1800s through the mid 20th century.


The Suntaug Inn was a historic hotel and restaurant, and it was located directly across the street from the railroad tracks which ran straight down the middle of what is now known as Route 95/Route 128 (depending on whatever the locals call it). The site was directly on Suntaug Lake and as such the shore of the lake was utilized and there were buildings there as well. There was an icehouse, boathouse and a gazebo.

The inn operated from the 1800s until the mid-20th century. Unfortunately, the original building burnt down in 1908 and was subsequently rebuilt. The “new” building had 35 rooms and was known for its dining room, great dance floor and first-class entertainment. It is said that Duke Ellington said, “There was a room to dance in, one to eat in, one to drink in and another upstairs for gambling.”

After the fire, Cora A. Egaleston, the owner, bought two fire trucks for the town. The Lynnfield Center Fire Department refused the one gifted to its’ station due to the serving of alcohol at the establishment.

In the 1950s the site became The Sun O’ China Restaurant. Eventually, the Bali Hai took over the restaurant and the building burnt down in 1970. After rebuilding, the restaurant was reborn as the best Chinese restaurant on the North Shore and contained a true Tiki Bar. The restaurant closed in 2018 after 40 years of business in Lynnfield.

History provided by Bob MacKendrick, Lynnfield Historical Commission member and former Lynnfield Assistant Fire Chief.

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