WAKEFIELD — The MBTA’s Bus Network Redesign reimagines the bus network to reflect shifting demographics, emerging employment districts, increasing traffic congestion, and changing travel patterns to create a better experience for current and future bus riders.

Proposed network maps are now available, and a public meeting for the Minuteman and Metro North network (which services Wakefield) will take place on June 22.

The virtual session will take place at 6 p.m. and registration is required in advance. In the session, MBTA staff will provide an in-depth presentation on the proposed network map and lead small group discussions. To register for the meeting, view project maps, and learn more about the network-wide proposals, visit www.mbta.com/projects/bus-network-redesign. The MBTA’s public meetings will be held over Zoom, and recordings will be available for those who cannot attend. 

The MBTA’s bus transformation project looks to achieve a better, faster, lower emissions service that is more aligned with where riders live, work, and travel. Public meetings and opportunities for feedback will take place throughout the summer.