Published in the March 9, 2016 edition


LYNNFIELD — Businessman Donald J. Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took the town by storm on Super Tuesday, as the frontrunners for the Republican and Democratic nominations for president came out on top here.

According to the official presidential primary results supplied by Town Clerk Trudy Reid, there were 4,368 ballots cast in the Republican, Democratic, Green-Rainbow and United Independent Party primaries out of the town’s 8,996 registered voters, equaling 46.28 percent.


Trump received 1,384 votes in town, which were more votes than any of his Republican rivals and the three Democrats running for president. Trump received 319 votes in Precinct 1, 310 votes in Precinct 2, 336 votes in Precinct 3 and 419 votes in Precinct 4.

Ohio Governor John Kasich finished second in the Republican race with 409 votes locally. Kasich received 115 votes in Precinct 1, 82 votes in Precinct 2, 77 votes in Precinct 3 and 135 votes in Precinct 4.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio finished third in the Republican race with 391 votes. Rubio received 89 votes in Precinct 1, 99 votes in Precinct 2, 90 votes in Precinct 3 and 113 votes in Precinct 4.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz finished fourth in the Republican race locally with 192 votes. Cruz received 58 votes in Precinct 1, 54 votes in Precinct 2, 35 votes in Precinct 3 and 45 votes in Precinct 4.

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson received 34 votes in town. Carson received 10 votes in Precinct 1, 14 votes in Precinct 2, six votes in Precinct 3 and four votes in Precinct 4.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, the one-time GOP frontrunner, received 18 votes in town even though he suspended his campaign following the South Carolina Primary last month. Bush received one vote in Precinct 1, five votes in Precinct 2, three votes in Precinct 3 and nine votes in Precinct 4.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie received nine votes in town. Christie received three votes in Precinct 1, two votes in Precinct 2, one vote in Precinct 3 and three votes in Precinct 4.

There were four write-in candidates on the GOP ballot and there were eight “no-preference” candidates. There were also seven “blanks.”

Additionally, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul received two votes. Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore received two votes. Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorium received two votes. Former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina received two votes. Former New York Gov. George Pataki received one vote in Precinct 2. There were no votes cast for former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

Democratic results

In the Democratic Primary, Clinton narrowly topped Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders by just 129 votes.

Clinton received 993 votes in all four Lynnfield precincts. The former Secretary of State received 254 votes in Precinct 1, 252 votes in Precinct 2, 249 votes in Precinct 3 and 238 votes in Precinct 4.

Sanders received 864 votes in all four precincts. The Vermont senator received 246 votes in Precinct 1, 235 votes in Precinct 2, 171 votes in Precinct 3 and 212 votes in Precinct 4.

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley received six votes in town. O’Malley received one vote in Precinct 1, two votes in Precinct 2, one vote in Precinct 3 and two votes in Precinct 4.

San Diego businessman Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente, who announced his candidacy last October and got his name on the ballot here and elsewhere, received four votes in town. De La Fuente received one vote in Precinct 1, zero votes in Precinct 2, two votes in Precinct 3 and 1 vote in Precinct 4.

Other primaries

Green-Rainbow Party candidate Jill Stein carried her party’s ticket her with two votes. Stein received both votes in Precinct 1.

Sedinam Curry received one vote in Precinct 1 in the Green-Rainbow Presidential Primary.

On the United Independent Party ballot, there were three write-in votes cast in Precincts 1, 2 and 3. There were no candidates for president or any other officer or town committee on the United Independent Party ballot.

State committee seats

In addition to the presidential primary election, there were also candidates vying for state committeeman, committeewoman on all four primary ballots.

On the Republican ballot, Stephen Zykofsky of Lynn received 1,417 votes. Amy Carnevale of Marblehead received 1,447 votes for Republican State Committeewoman. Both candidates were running unopposed.

On the Democratic ballot, Robert Fennell of Lynn, who was running unopposed, received 1,180 votes. There were no Democratic State Committeewoman candidates. There were 1,824 blanks and 79 write-ins for Democratic State Committeewoman.

There were no state committeeman and state committeewoman candidates running on the Green-Rainbow and United Independent Party ballot.