NORTH READING — After two months of complete lack of interest, a three year seat on the Community Planning Commission is now drawing interest from two write-in candidates in the May town election.

Mark DeSimone, 45 Linwood Ave., and former Selectman Joe Veno both informed the Transcript they intend to run as write–in candidates for the three–year CPC seat in the May 5 town election.

DeSimone was the only person to pull nomination papers for the CPC seat but he returned the papers a few minutes after the 5 p.m. deadline on March 17 and thus could not be listed on the ballot.

DeSimone said he’s not looking to make a 360 degree change in the CPC but he thinks he can bring his construction experience to the board and that will be helpful. “I can give helpful input on things like water systems, traffic and bring new ideas to the board,” he stated. “It’s good to learn from other boards and commissions in other towns,” he said. “I’m looking to enlighten and add to the board and listen to other opinions coming in,” he said.

DeSimone, who owns a construction business in town, said he would recuse himself if any issue to do with his business came before the board.

He said the town needs to increase its supply of elderly housing units, saying once the old high school is torn down, that location could be looked at. “The elderly would like to stay in their homes and I would like to see that happen.” He also wants to encourage young people to register and vote because as the younger generation they will some day be taking responsibility for these issues.

Veno formerly served on the Board of Selectmen for 15 years, including a stint as chairman and feels his experience in town government would serve the CPC well. “As almost a life–long resident of town, I’ve always been very interested in the growth and development issues facing North Reading and I do not want to see the seat go empty.”

As a former Selectmen, he’s versed in issues like economic development, water supply and reuse of the Berry Center, he said, and is ready to bring these topics to the table.

Veno is semi–retired and says he has the time to devote to the position, which is a three–year term.

Anyone contemplating a write–in for either DeSimone or Veno should write the appropriate name in under the “Three Year” office on the ballot.

There are eight other offices on the ballot and every single one of them has one, unopposed candidate, so the prospect of two write–in candidates for a three year CPC seat is the closest voters will get to an election race.

The other unopposed candidates on the ballot are:

• Selectman: Stephen O’Leary and Kathryn Manupelli.

• Moderator: John Murphy.

• School Committee: Jerry Venezia and Julie Koepke.

• CPC one year term: Patricia Romeo.

• CPC, three year term, (one of two): William Bellavance.

• North Reading Housing Authority: Mary Prenney