Wakefield awarded first place in dash, results in the winning points

WAKEFIELD — Upon further review, the Wakefield Memorial High boys’ indoor track team won the Middlesex League championship outright.

On Thursday night at the Lexington Field House, the dual meet between Wakefield and Burlington was run with the meet outcome determining the M.L. Freedom division champion with both teams entering the contest with identical 4-0 records.

The meet was close throughout the night and came down to the 4×400 relay. However, before the 4×400 relay was run a lot happened in the 45 yard dash which led to the disputed result.

In the 45 yard dash, Burlington runner James Hoffman was disqualified at the start, leaving Burlington with two runners and Wakefield with three runners in the race.  On Thursday night after the dash, Wakefield was awarded first place for five points and Burlington second and third place for 4 points.

At the conclusion of the meet, Burlington Coach Matt Carr filed a protest that Wakefield was awarded first place in the dash. After further review and a look by Dave Wilbur’s (lead FAT timer) assistant and Patrick O’Connor (Head Referee), it was determined that the runners from Wakefield and Burlington finished in a tie and thus the first and second place points were added (5+3= 8) and then divided between the two runners, awarding four points to Burlington and four points to Wakefield. This gave Burlington five points for the event and Wakefield four points for the event.

However, the initial results awarded the third place finish of one point to Hoffman. However, Hoffman was disqualified at the start of the race and thus not able to earn one point for Burlington.

With what had transpired another look was needed in the 45 yard dash results to take a closer look at results between Burlington and Wakefield. After closer review on Friday, the following has been determined by Dave Wilbur, lead FAT timer for the meet. Wilbur’s determination on and process for determination has been certified by O’Connor (Head Referee), making the results below official when carried out to the one-thousandth or third decimal place. The results that O’Connor and Wilbur’s assistant did Thurdsay night indicating that both runners ran 5.425 seconds were done quickly and were not accurate.

Therefore, first place goes to junior Eric Chi with a time of 5.425 seconds which gives Wakefield five more points. Meanwhile, Burlington junior Chenet Guerrier’s time is 5.427 seconds which gives Burlington three points.

Third place is yet to be determined at this point.

With Wakefield winning the 4×400 relay and earning five points for that the score of the meet currently stands at Wakefield 44, Burlington 41.

Either Burlington or Wakefield will be awarded one additional point when a second look at the film for third place in the 45 yard dash takes place. With 44 points already secured, Wakefield won the meet and is the M.L. Freedom division champion.

“I’m happy we got the win and won the title outright,” said Head Coach Ruben Reinoso.