WAKEFIELD CO-OPERATIVE BANK recently donated $500 to Mystic Valley Services’ Money Management Program. From left, WCB senior universal banker Vicky Alexander, Mystic Valley Elder Services development specialist Jan Brodie, WCB President/CEO Jeff Worth, WCB VP/CTO and branch operations manager Ryan Conlon. (Courtesy Photo)


WAKEFIELD — Wakefield Co-operative Bank is a proud sponsor of Mystic Valley Elder Services’ (MVES) highly-regarded Money Management Program.

Since 1990, the MVES Money Management Program has assisted elders living in the 11 communities served along with adults with disabilities. One of the largest volunteer programs of its kind in the state of Massachusetts, the MVES Money Management Program offers a variety of services ranging from complete oversight of a consumer’s finances to assistance with balancing a checkbook, all free of charge.

Wakefield Co-operative Bank recently donated $500 TO MVES’ Money Management Program.

Townspeople can follow Mystic Valley Elder Services on Facebook or visit https://mves.org to learn more about this terrific nonprofit organization.