3RD ROW (L-R):  Tessa Keane, Maria Crane, Charles Sebuma, Joseph Cruz, David Maselli
and Mierna Chankhour; 2nd Row (L-R): Natalie Ogata, Krista Chankhour, Marie Jagiello, Luigi Magno, Elijah Bartolini and Domenic DeVeau; and 1st Row (L-R): William Brennan, Abigail Murnane, Maeve Cefalo, Olivia White and Brooks Mason.

WAKEFIELD — At Saint Joseph School in Wakefield, a great fundraising event took place during Catholic Schools Week. 

The Battle of the Bills raised $2,905 for The Heartbeat Center. In addition to this much needed money the school donated 10 boxes full of baby items. 

All in, organizers exceeded their fundraising goal and were excited to provide support to families in need. 

A special congratulations goes to 5th grade for winning the Battle of the Bills. 

“We hope you enjoyed the ice cream party,” said a spokesperson. “You deserved it! Thank you to all of the families and students who generously gave to support this wonderful cause!”

St Joseph

BACK ROW (L-R): Laurel Cappella, Maria Crane, Charles Sebuma, Joseph Cruz, Kayden Williams
and John Casoli; Front Row (L-R): Alexis Zapach, Mierna Chankhour, Sophie Hickey, Elizabeth Murphy and Lucy Mauro.