WAKEFIELD — The Zoning Board of Appeals seemed to be mostly pleased with the latest revision to the architectural plans for the proposed “Crescent Commons” 40B project presented at last week’s ZBA meeting.

“Crescent Commons” would replace three homes currently at 44,46 and 48 Crescent Street. The project, which originally called for 56 units, was earlier reduced to 45 units. It was later reduced to 40 units in a four-story building with the top floor “stepped back” to reduce the appearance of height.

The reductions in the unit-count came after the ZBA expressed serious reservations about the size and density of the project, concerns that have been echoed strongly by abutters who believe that the building would be out of place in their neighborhood.

Attorney Brian McGrail said last week that the architect and the development team had continued to work with a ZBA subcommittee on the latest design plans, which were reviewed at last week’s meeting.

Project architect Peter Sandorse presented the new plans, which feature a blue and grey color scheme for the Hardie Plank exterior siding material. The new plan also features a ground-level front porch with columns facing Crescent Street.

Sandorse also showed renderings of the side of the building that would face Crescent Hill.

McGrail said that the ZBA subcommittee of Jim McBain and Ami Wall was pleased with the direction of the plans. He said that few 40B projects have this much attention devoted to the architectural design.

McBain and Wall concurred. McBain said that over the 10 subcommittee meetings a lot of issues had been addressed and resolved. Board members observed that the latest architectural plan, which incorporates Victorian elements, makes the building look more like it belongs in the area. It was noted that the top of the elevator shaft, which protrudes from the roof, is designed to look like a chimney.

Board member Tom Lucey acknowledged that while some people still won’t like it, the design has “come a long way. There’s only so much we can do with 40Bs.”

McGrail displayed the original rendering to show the board how far the building design had come.

There was some discussion of the exterior lighting fixtures and and the interior garage lighting.

McGrail reminded the board that while 25 percent of the units will be designated as “affordable,” the town will get credit for all 40 toward its affordable housing inventory because it is a rental project. Wakefield residents will be given preference for the affordable units.

Board member Chip Tarbell wanted it noted that granite curbing should be specified on the plans for the driveways. He also wanted the specifications for the retaining in the front called out on the plans.

Tarbell asked about the side of the building that faces south. Engineer Rick Salvo described a poured granite wall and fence along the driveway that he said he would coordinate with the architectural plans.

McGrail said that the project team would continue working with the subcommittee on issues raised as well as a draft decision until the next full ZBA hearing on Jan 12.

There was no public testimony offered at the Dec. 15 hearing.

McGrail agreed to extent the public hearing until the end of January.