WAKEFIELD — Due to rising fuel costs in the energy market and global supply issues, Wakefield Municipal Light Department (WMGLD) customers will see higher costs this winter.

According to WMGLD General Manager Pete Dion, the Board of Light Commissioners and staff have been reviewing all options to make prudent and fiscally conservative decisions on behalf of WMGLD ratepayers. Significant increases in natural gas prices since 2021 have a direct effect on the spot market price of electricity causing the cost of commodities to rise.

“The WMGLD has not been immune from cost increases in supplies, transportation, and generation, and supply production costs,” Dion said. “Unfortunately, unprecedented market conditions and global issues have left us no other choice as we review expenses and the increased costs of electricity we purchase. As we do every day in every decision that we make, the WMGLD will take a conservative approach to ensure financial stability. Our rates remain well below our neighbors, and we will continue to provide exceptional service to our customers.”

The WMGLD encourages all customers to be proactive before colder weather begins.

“We encourage customers to begin making changes now to help save energy – and money —  before the heating season begins,” the General Manager added. “Caulking around doors and windows, signing up for the Connected Homes demand management program and taking advantage of the NextZero energy audit program will go a long way in cutting energy costs in homes and businesses.”

The WMGLD will continue to monitor energy and supply chain prices throughout the year, according to the General Manager. For information about any of the energy saving programs offered by the WMGLD, visit www.wmgld.com.