Published December 19, 2018


WAKEFIELD — A space in the Wakefield Memorial High School Library will be named for Meghan Burnett, who passed away last June just days after graduating from WMHS. 

The School Committee last week approved the dedication of the “makerspace” in the high school library in honor of Meghan after hearing a presentation from WMHS Librarian Diana Ho and Marlisa Burke of the Health and Life Skills Department.

“Meghan was a shining light in our school,” Ho said. “She was involved in a lot of activities in our community from Marching Band to softball to being a diversity leader. Meghan lived her life with a profound sense of wonder and a dedication to making a difference in the world. It is with this sentiment that we hope to dedicate the Wakefield Memorial High School Library makerspace in her honor.”

Ho explained that a “makerspace” is “a place where students can create, discover, improve, plan, change and make a difference in their school community and the world around them.” She noted that the makerspace is a large room off the library that is outfitted with educational technology and is used by students and classes from all disciplines as a place to meet and create. 

Burke said that Meghan and her diversity leader classmates regularly used the makerspace to prepare for diversity leader visits for the freshman and sophomore classes and to prepare to present to the Anti-Defamation League New England Conference.

“We cannot think of a more positive example of a ‘maker’ than Meghan due to her dedication to inquiry and service,” Burke said.

Ho and Burke said that they would like to create a vinyl design on the makerspace wall and also etch the logo into the glass door to the makerspace room.

“The diversity leaders have been looking for a way to honor Meghan’s memory, and we hope that this might be a project that brings them joy and peace in their loss, “ Burke said. 

Ho noted that the Burnett family and WMHS Principal Amy McLeod supported the effort and all that was needed was School Committee permission to move forward. She said that the diversity leaders would create a design. She added that there was no cost associated with the proposal as the materials and labor would be provided in house.

School Superintendent Douglas Lyons said that the administration “supports this wholeheartedly.” 

The School Committee’s vote to endorse the naming of the makerspace in honor of Meghan Burnett was unanimous.


In other business las week, the School Committee accepted with gratitude a donation of $2,014 from the Wakefield Memorial High School Dance Team for the JV Dance Team Coach for the 2018 fall season.