THE LYNNFIELD WARRIORS won the Essex Country Women’s Softball Senior Division Championship on June 16 with a 12-2 victory over Ipswich. It is the first ECWSL title in Lynnfield program history. Pictured in the front row from left is assistant coach Michael Palmer, Lily Briggs, Alexandra Scanlon and Lilly Gately. In the back row from left is assistant coach Taidgh McClory, Estelle McClory, Vanessa Champy, Maggie Pavao, Carina DeLeo, Nora Hutter, Lucia Palmer, head coach Kelly Pavao and assistant coach Shawn Gately. Missing from photo: Chloe Grieves, Maeve Walsh and Addie Wolf. (Courtesy Photo)

LYNNFIELD — The Lynnfield Warriors won the Essex County Women’s Softball Senior Division Championship with a 12-2 win over Ipswich on June 16. 

The first place Warriors defeated Beverly Black in Round 2 to move on to play their hometown friends, the Lynnfield Ignite for the Southern Division Championship.
The Warriors were led by 8th graders, standout pitcher and hitter, Lilly Gately, starting shortstop and stolen base leader Maggie Pavao and starting first baseman Estelle McClory — all leading infielders, hitters and base runners on the team and in the league. A wall at 3rd base, Chloe Grieves, great blocker and hitter, catcher Alex Scanlon and outstanding outfielder Lucia Palmer who let nothing by her this season and was consistently on base also chipped in. 

Outfielders Carina DeLeo and Vanessa Champy with phenomenal fielding and hitting for the team this season and 7th graders, second baseman Lily Briggs with solid infielder skills outfielders Addie Wolf who did an incredible job in her first season, Maeve Walsh and Nora Hutter with their never give up attitude and team spirit, all helped to defeat the Ignite to win the Southern Division Championship and move on to the play their rivals in the North, the Ipswich Tigers in the Essex County Women’s Softball League.
The Lynnfield Warriors went on to the Championship game on June 16, with a nervous energy, but after a 5-run 1st inning, they stayed up and on fire for the remainder of the game. Every inning, they would huddle around and chant “Everyone hits, everyone scores. Hits on 3”. 

They played their hearts out until the very end and defeated Ipswich 12-2. This was the first time in Lynnfield’s history in the Essex County Softball League that a Lynnfield team has won the entire ECWSL. Lynnfield Youth Softball’s board of directors and their coaches could not be more proud of this team and all of the teams this season who worked extremely hard to get to the top.

The 2nd place Ignite were the Junior League Champs in 2023, this season led by outstanding catcher and power hitter Cassie Angilly and clutch pitcher Emma Esposito who came through to crush the Hamilton-Wenham Generals in the second round. 

This team powered through all season with great fielding by 8th graders Sydney Moore at shortstop and Calleigh Caprio at first base along with their hitting and speedy base running. Kiley Flynn helped in the field at second base and Jillian Martin, Alyssa Attubato and Angilly served as the power hitters on the team. Fiona Golden at third base, outfielders, Amelia Willoghby, Tegan Wood and new additions to the league Corrie Boccacci and Avery Fleming all brought a lot to the team in regards to hitting and team spirit.

Last year, LYS was able to create two new fields after advocating for two years with the town. Because of that, the program was able to create their own in-town league for the farm division this year with six teams. They were able to have a full season, with playoffs and a championship game. 

The Lynnfield Leopards defeated the Lynnfield Pink Sox and were the Champions of the Farm League for the first season of the in-town league. It was truly a great experience with the girls being able to play with their friends and compete all season together. It made the entire season a true community event every week. 

The K-1 Director, Chris Caprio, has done a great job building the program the last three years with over 45 K-1 softball players joining the program every season.
The junior division had amazing coaches and 3 successful teams this season, with one team, the Lynnfield Jr. Wildcats making it to the second round of the bracket A playoffs. The Lynnfield Rippers defeated the Lynnfield Royals in a tight game in the first round only to be defeated in Round 2. They all had an amazing season.
The Senior division has been working hard the past four years to continue to challenge and teach the girls, while growing the program and bringing three teams to the playoffs in the A bracket this season. In addition to the Warriors and Ignite, the Lynnfield Wildcats also competed and were knocked out in the first round by the Beverly Black team. Eighth grade power hitter and pitcher Angelina O’Hara pushed the team along throughout the season with multiple strikeouts per game with catcher Sabrina Capiachetti. Eighth graders with multiple hits and runs included Camille Marini, Ava Ragusa and Julia Maliawco. Fielders Ari Roy, Anna Diranian, Savannah Smallenburger, Lily Fitzmeyer and Molly McMahon all played well. Seventh graders Ashley Plunkett and Maddie Green both had big hits. Stand-out 6th grader Maddie Sullivan was pulled up this season to assist on the senior team with pitching, fielding and hitting this season.

This is Director and Warriors’ coach Kelly Pavao’s last season running the softball program. She has been part of the program for the last 10 years and has run the league for the last five years, along with Caprio. This was handed over to them five years ago after Jerry Guerra and Bruce Madden stepped down after many years of protecting and keeping the league running for the girls. 

Pavao and Caprio took their knowledge and managed to update the league, growing it by 100 percent, creating two new fields, new programs, all season clinics, summer leagues, social media, fundraisers for gear and fields and many more things for the league.
It is now time to pass on the torch with both of their daughters aging out. They are hoping that a new generation with new, fresh ideas will come in and keep things running smoothly and continue to build this thriving program.

This is just the beginning for Lynnfield Youth Softball.