Published in the October 20, 2016 edition.

WAKEFIELD — A local middle school student fell out of a North Reading Transportation bus yesterday, sustaining minor injuries, according to officials.

The youth fell out of the emergency exit of the bus while it was pulling out of the Dolbeare School driveway. Students had a scheduled half day yesterday.

Following is a statement from Supt. of Schools Dr. Kim Smith:

“During school dismissal today, a middle school student on one of our school buses fell out of the rear door as the bus pulled out onto the street from the Dolbeare School driveway. The student was alert and responsive as medical personnel arrived on scene and all indications are that the student is doing well. We are investigating the incident in cooperation with the bus company.

“The student who fell from the bus yesterday sustained minor injuries and is recovering well today. We have ruled out that overcrowding was a factor in this incident as the bus was less than half full. This bus has been taken out of service and a comprehensive investigation is underway.”