Published in the January 4, 2016 edition.

WAKEFIELD — The 2016 municipal
election season began today, Jan. 4.

According to Town Clerk Rose Morgan, nomination papers for the April 26 town election are now available.

Following is a list of positions that will be on this year’s ballot.

BOARD OF SELECTMEN (3 three-year terms)

Incumbents: Tiziano Doto, Phyllis J. Hull, Ann McGonigle Santos

TOWN CLERK (1 one-year term)

Present official: Rosemary Morgan (temporary)

TOWN TREASURER (1 three-year term)

Incumbent: John J. McCarthy Jr.

MODERATOR (1 one-year term)

Incumbent: William Harbison Carroll

SCHOOL COMMITTEE (3 three-year terms)

Incumbents: Thomas F. Markham Jr., Evan Michael Kenney and Greg Liakos

LIBRARY TRUSTEES (3 three-year terms)

Incumbents: Donna West Conlon, John Havelick Jr. and Timothy F. Healy


(1 five-year term)

Incumbent: Paul Semenza


(1 three-year term)

Incumbent: Elaine M. Silva

(1 three-year term)

Incumbent: Christopher J.

GAS AND LIGHT COMMISSIONER (2 three-year terms)

Incumbents: Michael Giannattasio, Kevin T. Haggerty

CONSTABLE (2 three-year terms)

Incumbents: Gerard S. Alterio Jr., Richard O. Bayrd

CONSTABLE (1 one-year term)

Incumbent: Robert E. Foley