Published in the July 20, 2015 edition

ObitHolmes-webWAKEFIELD — Alicia Holmes, 63, a resident of Wakefield, passed away suddenly on Tuesday, July 14.

Alicia was born in Somerville, on Dec. 4, 1951 to Charles and Mary Holmes. The youngest of four children, she had two sisters, Kathleen Ruszkowski and Paula Peterson and a brother — the late Michael Holmes.

Alicia and Scott Batson were married on Dec. 4, 1999 and lived in Wakefield.

Alicia was raised in Dorchester. She received her baccalaureate degree from Boston State College and her master’s degree in Special Education from Salem State University. She worked in sales promotion for the Gillette Company for many years but her true love was teaching.

Upon retiring from Gillette, she worked for several years teaching in various school systems.

Alicia had a vibrant personality, always inquisitive, witty and creative. Her flair for style showed in all she did, whether in her manner of dress or in how she decorated her home. She was a talented artist and particularly enjoyed working in oils. She also was a writer and was working on two books at the time of her passing.

She especially loved children and was always seeking to improve their educational experience. Her imagination was truly boundless, she gave life to Teddy bears and helped students find joy in learning. She was quick to identify someone in need and delighted investing whatever effort she could put forth to lessen their suffering. Her kindness and her generous nature are attributes that are always remarked upon when her name is mentioned.

Alicia loved the beauty of God’s creation in all its multifaceted glory. What others might regard as mundane, Alicia perceived as a source of joy and beauty. Whether the moonlit beauty of a snowy woodland, the playful machinations of the squirrel and chipmunk or the brilliant hues of the cardinal and the goldfinch, they all brought joy to Alicia’s heart.

Wrote her husband Scott, known affectionately as Bear, “Writer, teacher, artist, my friend and my lover, your life is an unfinished painting, the ultimate beauty of which must now remain forever unfulfilled. Life’s colorful palette has been dimmed by your departure.

“Where now is your playful repartee? Who will now give voice to the Teddy bear, bring sparkle to the Christmas tree and riotous color to the garden? You truly were the salt of the earth, bringing savor to those whose lives you touched.

“You gave what you could and often more. May God bless you and keep you safe and warm my darling Alicia.

“I love you always.”

Relatives and friends will gather for a Celebration of Alicia’s life at the First United Methodist Church, 645 Main St., Melrose on Saturday, July 25 at 1 p.m. There will be food and some of Alicia’s favorite music. Guests are encouraged to bring pictures and to “talk story” (In Hawaii – Alicia’s favorite place – that means to reminisce).

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