Published in the April 4, 2016 edition.

WAKEFIELD — The Arts Collaborative of Wakefield will host their Spring Art Show and Sale at the Americal Civic Center on April 7 and 8 from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Heritage Room.

On April 7 the ACW show is paired with the Wakefield Schools annual Visual Arts Night. On April 8 the Art Collaborative host a closing reception without the public schools. It is very exciting to have both events occur at the same time in the same building. The school portion will be in the Drill Hall and the ACW portion in the Heritage Room. This display features work from artists 5-65 years old!

ACW members have exhibited and sold their work here in Wakefield and all over New England. Visual Arts Night is your opportunity to meet with the artists to talk about their work. Making art takes time and energy; it’s no secret that art is generally made alone in a studio, kitchen, study or basement. Our artists welcome the chance to talk about their work including discussing techniques, methods and materials.

The Arts Collaborative of Wakefield is eager to offer a creative environment for artists and craftsmen to share resources, recognition and conversation with each other and the local community. The initial focus of the ACW was an online artist registry for artists, patrons, sponsors, local business and enthusiasts. The registry allows artists to identify themselves in terms of their artwork. The registry is also a great tool for non-artists to check out what is happening in the local art community.

Visit to look at the artwork or join their group today. It’s easy to register … include an e-mail address, a bio/resume and/or an artist statement, submit brief registration information and submit photos of your artwork to be included on your personal page.

Visual Arts Night is a great opportunity for the public to see the great things that are happening in the Wakefield Arts Community. Hope to see you on Thursday or Friday night.