WAKEFIELD — The Wakefield community is invited to attend Arts Night on Thursday, April 11 from 6 – 8 p.m. Arts Night is an exhibit hosted by the Wakefield Public Schools Visual Arts Department and the Arts Collaborative of Wakefield. Art students are getting ready to showcase everything they have been working on this school year. The K-12 art display and student demonstrations will take place at the Galvin Middle School gym. WMHS Visual Arts students will be working on the latest computer technology, working in clay making ceramic works by hand and using potter’s wheels, painting, printing and drawing. Virtually every art medium imaginable will be on display or being demonstrated and students will be ready to answer questions about the process. We hope to see you there.

See the latest in Augmented Reality and Art. Augmented Reality (AR) is the result of using technology to superimpose information — sounds, images and text — on a user’s view of the world. AR combines real and computer-based images to deliver a unified but enhanced view of the world. It requires a visual object and a camera to scan it from a printed QR code.

Students in the Multimedia class are augmenting selected pieces of art in the display. Which means they are adding an element of surprise to the experience by inserting graphics that will overplay the original artworks. Visitors to our exhibit will not only see some fabulous student artwork but also engage with the arts in a new and exciting way.

Interested, confused, have questions? Check out AR right here.

Step 1: Scan the QR code. It will bring you to an app call Eyejack. Download it.

Step 2: Open the Eyejack app and scan the QR code in the app. This will load the animation into the app. (Sorry iPhone only)

Step 3: In Eyejack, go to the scanner and point it at the Arts Night poster and see what happens.