WAKEFIELD — The Capital Planning Committee reviewed three Nov. 17 Town Meeting articles last night that seek a total of about $625,000 to expand Forest Glade Cemetery, upgrade some of the town’s computer hardware and to install a new set of controls for the series of traffic lights in Montrose.

The funds would come from the town’s “free cash” account if Town Meeting voters approve the measures.

According to committee Chairman Shaun Margerison, members spent the most time Tuesday debating the traffic signal improvements and the upgrades to the town’s computer network.

The first phase of the computer improvement work would deliver key additional services to Town Hall, the Public Safety Building, Wakefield Memorial High School, the Galvin Middle School and the Woodville Elementary School. This phase is estimated to cost $250,000.

The DPW has requested funds to install an “Adaptive Traffic Light Control System” for each traffic signal on Salem Street in Montrose, as well as the lights on Audubon Road near the back entrance to Market Street.

This is a heavily traveled area during both the morning and afternoon workweek commutes. The system the DPW wants to install will adjust signal timing in real time based on current traffic conditions, demand and system capacity. It is expected to especially improve conditions in the area during the 1 1/2 to 2 hour period during the heavy morning commute.

The town seeks $125,000 to install the new system.

Finally, the Capital Planning Committee backed a request for $250,000 to expand the town’s cemetery off Lowell Street. There is room for an addition 4,500 graves, according to Town Administrator Stephen P. Maio, but at this time the DPW is looking to create between 1,700 and 2,100 graves.