LITTLE Henry DiBlasi is all smiles after finding a tree with a blue ribbon tied to it. For a chance to win one free registration into Townscape’s Kids Day fair on May 21, simply share a photo of your child or yourself taken in front of Townscape tree identified with a blue ribbon and share it on Townscape’s Facebook page with the hashtag: #townscapekidsday. (Courtesy Photo)

Published in the May 4, 2016 edition

LYNNFIELD — Some residents may be wondering about the blue ribbons they’ve seen trailing off trees around the common, on Summer Street, near Pillings Pond, on Main Street and in several other localities around town.

In advance of Arbor Day, celebrated on April 30, members of Townscape went around town “tagging” trees for which Townscape has raised funds and planted over the past 30 years.

In fact, Townscape has planted over 1,000 trees since its inception in 1985, so these “tagged” trees were just a select few of those planted through Townscape’s efforts.

“Over the years, we have planted ‘memorial’ trees, such as the Al Merritt Memorial Tree in front of Lynnfield’s Town Hall; rare trees, such as the Sequoia trees near Pillings Pond and the Japanese Maple near Main Street in the town center; and many, many trees to replace those torn down by construction or lost to age and weather conditions,” said Kathryn Price, director of communications for Townscape Lynnfield.

Townscape members went out to tag a selection of these trees so that their fellow residents would have an opportunity to perceive the fundraising and work that the volunteer members of this non-profit organization are doing each year, along with the Tree Committee and the Department of Public Works, to contribute to both the tree canopy in town as well as to the aesthetic of this “Tree City, USA.”

Pre-order geraniums by Friday

For many residents, these blue ribbons signify that it is also time to pre-order their discounted premium flowers from Townscape in anticipation of its upcoming Geraniumfest fundraiser!

This year, the same is true – Townscape’s flower pre-orders of red, white, pink, salmon and magenta geraniums, as well as red and pink “knock out” rose bushes – continue through this Friday, May 6. Forms to order these flowers remain available at both Post Offices, Town Hall, the Library and Wakefield Cooperative Bank. Forms can also be downloaded from Townscape’s website:

After the May 6 deadline, Townscape’s premium flowers will be available for sale only during Geraniumfest which will be held at Lynnfield Middle School starting at 8 a.m. on Saturday, May 21.

Residents should note: Geraniumfest is not just for geraniums anymore. They may choose from many flowering garden favorites grown at a local Sudbury farm: flowering rose bushes, fresh garden herbs and annual flowering plants will be a highlight this year.

“Don’t forget to come early for the best selection as 100 percent of the profits from Geraniumfest go toward our ‘Trees Silo,’ fully funding all tree plantings and replacements, as well as some other work we do each year,” Price said. “And stay tuned for improvements at Forest Hill Cemetery later this spring, to include a privacy tree wall along Essex Street. We are proud of our participation in this effort as well.”

“We hope to see many of our fellow residents at Geraniumfest, happening alongside ‘Kids Day,’ our kids fair, on Saturday, May 21 at Lynnfield Middle School,” she added.

Facebook contest

Townscape is also running a Facebook contest on their Facebook page in which anyone who shares a photo of themselves or their child in front of a tree adorned with a blue ribbon, with the hashtag: #townscapekidsday, will be entered for one free registration into Kids Day.

Townscape remains grateful to the community for its ongoing support of their mission and efforts within the town.