Published in the May 20, 2016 edition.

WAKEFIELD — Work, stalled for a while earlier this month due to the weather, continues on the Route 129 rotary.

Motorist confusion is expected, and understandable, as improvements are made to the road surface around the rotary. The work is done at night and includes some detouring.

According to the state Department of Transportation, the work at the rotary will improve safety for traffic and pedestrians.

Work to widen egress and access points from Interstate 95 into the rotary along with modified pedestrian crossings and wheelchair-accessible ramps at existing crossings has been completed.

Additional road markings are currently being installed and the work on those could continue into next week due to weather conditions.

Also, additional signage will be installed to create thru lanes from offramps to various portions of the rotary without impacting rotary traffic.

Similar work has been previously performed at other rotaries in the Commonwealth and resulted in marked improvements for vehicle and pedestrian safety.

The work was added to the Lynnfield to Wakefield Route 128 resurfacing project for a cost of $267,000.

The rotary work began in mid-April and is estimated to be completed this month, according to a DOT spokesman.