MELROSE — The city continues to get greener and greener.

The aldermen this week were asked to let Mayor Robert J. Dolan spend $30,000 in state funds on an electric vehicle and a charger after Melrose was approved to participate in a Mass. Department of Environmental Protection grant program.

Just about a year ago, city Energy Efficiency Manager Martha Grover got word that her application for a grant had been approved. The $30,000 will be used under Phase 1 of the Mass. Electric Vehicles Incentive Program to buy two battery electric vehicles and a dual-head charging station.

Under the first phase of the program Mass.EVIP awarded incentive funding to 20 municipalities for the acquisition of 47 electric vehicles and the installation of 17 dual-head charging stations. In a statement, state officials said the electric vehicle program grants demonstrate the Commonwealth’s “commitment to increase the deployment of electrical vehicles in municipal fleets, encourage demand for electric vehicles…and help the Commonwealth meet its air quality and Global Warming Solutions Act goals.”

Christine Kirby, division director of the Air and Climate Programs, Bureau of Waste Prevention, wrote to Grover, “I want to congratulate the City of Melrose for taking this important first step aimed at making Massachusetts a regional leader in deploying these clean cars and helping the Commonwealth achieve our ambitious climate goals.”

The aldermen moved the request to their Finance Committee. A full discussion is scheduled to take place about the program — and what department is going to get the electric vehicles — at a meeting Monday night.