Published in the January 28, 2016 edition.


WAKEFIELD — Applicants Jonathan Main and John DiPaula are close to receiving Zoning Board of Appeals approval for their proposed 24-unit apartment building on North Avenue across from the Lakeside Office Park. At last night’s meeting with the ZBA, their attorney Michael McCarthy went over with the board the remaining outstanding issues.

First, McCarthy asked Peter Sandorse of Phoenix Architects to review updates to the plans based on previous discussions with the board.

Sandorse said that the monument sign in front of the building will now match the face of the building. Clothes dryer vents for each unit will now be located on the side of each unit instead of the roof. Gas and electric meters will be located inside the basement and the electrical transformer will be in the rear of the building. Light fixtures proposed for above the balcony doors met with the board’s approval.

The ZBA wanted the trees proposed for the site to be larger when planted.

The board wanted something other than a chain link fence as an enclosure for the Dumpster and they also insisted on an easier way for tenants to get access to the Dumpster than opening a large gate.

The ZBA also said that they wanted to see depicted on the plans an underground irrigation sprinkler system for the landscaping. The board asked for clarification of a Conservation Commission condition that trash and debris in the rear of the building must be picked up by hand.

The board and the applicant discussed a construction timetable. Main said that he hoped to start construction by the middle of this year. The board asked for a written construction timetable by July 1.

McCarthy said that he would be meeting with the Traffic Advisory Committee this morning regarding one outstanding issue related to a traffic study on North Avenue. He said that he anticipated getting the TAC’s OK.

The hearing was continued to Feb. 10.


The ZBA granted the necessary variances and Special Permits that will allow a three-family home at 26 Avon St. to be converted to a four-family.

McCarthy reviewed the proposed modifications to the building and the site based on previous discussions with the boards, including the creation of two points of egress for each unit. A revised parking plan with eight spaces was presented along with a drainage structure to collect runoff from the parking area. An earth berm and plantings were added in the rear, as well as some 36-inch high shrubs on one side of the building.


The ZBA also reviewed and approved the application of AT&T to upgrade wireless antennas on cell towers at 14 Audubon Rd. and at 894 Main St. in Greenwood. In both cases, AT&T would be removing three antennas and replacing them with three new antennas and three new RF radio heads.