MELROSE — The November 3 election field continued to grow last week, as incumbent aldermen-at-large Mary Beth McAteer Margolis and Monica Medeiros took out nomination papers for reelection.

Margolis, of Stowecroft Road, pulled papers June 18. Medeiros, a Bay State Road resident, did the same on June 19.

Joseph Musto of Tremont Street took out nomination papers for Ward 1 aldeman on June 18, followed the next day by incumbent John Tramontozzi.

In addition, Ward 7 Alderman Scott Forbes, 41 Mystic Ave., took out nomination papers for reelection on June 16.

The only position on this year’s ballot that did not yet have a candidate as of the beginning of this week was Ward 3 alderman, the post now held by Frank Wright.

Donald L. Conn Jr. and Jaclyn Lavender Bird, the third and fourth aldermen-at-large, had yet to pull papers for reelection.

So far, Robert J. Dolan is the only candidate for mayor, taking out nomination papers the first day they were available on May 1. The mayor is backing a Proposition 2 1/2 override to hire more teachers and police, a move some see as politically perilous. The signatures on his nomination papers were certified June 15.

In Ward 2, Alderman Jennifer Lemmerman took out papers for reelection took out papers on May 8.

In Ward 4, Alderman Robert A. Boisselle took out papers for reelection May 4 and had them certified May 27.

Marika McKnight and incumbent Gail Infurna are currently running for the Ward 5 alderman’s seat.

In Ward 6, incumbent Peter Mortimer pulled nomination papers for reelection May 1.

And in the race for School Committee, Jaime McAllister-Grande of Tappan Street remains the only candidate having already taken out nomination papers.

But there is plenty of time. The last day to obtain nomination papers for mayoral candidates is Friday, July 10, and the last day to obtain papers for three School Committee positions and all seats on the Board of Alderman is Friday, Sept. 11.

Nomination papers may be obtained only by a candidate or a person presenting a signed authorization by the candidate. Prior to obtaining nomination papers, each candidate must file a statement containing his/her name and address and the office for which he/she intends to run, with the Election Office in City Hall.

Candidates for alderman-at-large and School Committee will need 120 certified signatures of registered voters in the city and a ward alderman candidate will need 20 signatures in order to be placed on the ballot.

Contact Linda-Lee Angiolillo at 781-979-4125 with any questions.

Published in the June 26, 2015 edition