PICTURED FROM THE left: winner Luke Viselli; teacher Heather Cook; winner Emma Doucette; teacher Katelyn Guilmette; winner Eleanor Neurnberger; winner Gemma Ann Eno; Wakefield Science Curriculum Coordinator Joanne Marks; winner Nicole M. Balodimas; teacher and parent Elizabeth Doucette; winner Audrey McDonald; and Rep Kate Lipper-Garabedian.

WAKEFIELD — The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) recently announced there were six winners from Wakefield in MWRA’s Annual Poster and Writing Contest. From the grade 5 class, Eleanor Neurnberger was the First Place winner and both Luke Viselli and Gemma Ann Eno were Honorable Mention winners in the Grades 3-5 writing category. Audrey McDonald, grade 6 was an Honorable Mention winner in the Grades 6-8 writing category. Emma Doucette, grade 5 was the First Place winner in the Grades 3-5 poster contest. Nicole M. Balodimas, grade 6 was the Third Place winner in the Grades 6-8 poster category. 

Close to 200 people gathered at the MWRA Deer Island Facility on May 24 to honor this year’s contest winners. This year, students across the MWRA service area were challenged to use their creative skills to design a poster or write an essay, poem or story about the different jobs at the MWRA. Winners were selected from over 1,100 posters and over 200 writing entries. 

All winning posters and writing entries are on display at the Waterworks Museum located at 2450 Beacon St., Boston, MA 02467 through September 27. Check out waterworksmuseum.org for museum hours. To learn more about the MWRA School Education Program and view all the winning entries on-line, visit the School Program page on the MWRA’s website at mwra.com.