Derendal also selected as Freedom division co-MVP

THE WMHS girls’ outdoor track team had seven Middlesex League Freedom division All-Stars named. From left to right are Abby Harrington, Julia Derendal, Eadeen Beck, Allee Purcel, Ana Lucas, Sam Ross and Sarah Buckley.

THE WMHS girls’ outdoor track team had seven Middlesex League Freedom division All-Stars named. From left to right are Abby Harrington, Julia Derendal, Eadeen Beck, Allee Purcel, Ana Lucas, Sam Ross and Sarah Buckley.

Published in the June 14, 2016 edition.

WAKEFIELD — The Middlesex League girls’ outdoor track coaches met recently to make this year’s all-star selections in both the Freedom and Liberty divisions.

For the M.L. Freedom division champion Warriors, they had seven all-stars named and had one of the two Freedom division co-MVPs.

Junior Abby Harrington (400 hurdles), senior captain Sarah Buckley (100 meter hurdles), sophomore Ana Lucas (100 meters), sophomore Allee Purcell (200 meters), freshman Eadeen Beck (shot put), senior captain Julia Derendal (javelin) and senior captain Sam Ross (triple jump) were the Wakefield athletes honored.

Derendal was named co-MVP along with Melrose junior Anne Morrison.

Wilmington led the balloting in the Freedom division with 10 all-stars selections with four of those athletes being named in the 4×100 relay, while Burlington had eight with four of those athletes being chosen in the 4×400 relay.

Stoneham had five all-star selections, Melrose had four and Watertown had three all-stars.

In the Liberty division, Lexington had 11 all-stars to lead the balloting. Belmont was next with seven all-stars, Woburn had six, Reading had four all-stars named, Winchester had three and Arlington had one all-star chosen.

Belmont also had the Liberty division MVP.





Freedom Division

Name      School      Grade      Event

Abby Harrington      Wakefield      Junior      400 Hurdles

Emily Simpson      Stoneham      Soph.      400 Hurdles

Danielle Baldi      Wilmington      Junior      400 Hurdles

Elisabeth Olson      Wilmington      Senior      Mile

Emily Koufos      Watertown      Soph.      Mile

Marielle Auola      Stoneham      Soph.      Mile

Giana Lanzillo      Stoneham      Senior      100 Hurdles

Sarah Buckley      Wakefield      Senior      100 Hurdles

Ana Lucas      Wakefield      Soph.      100 Meters

Sheila Joyce      Burlington      Junior      100 Meters

Alexcia Luna      Wilmington      Soph.      200 Meters

Allee Purcell      Wakefield      Soph.     200 Meters

Katherine Tolman      Watertown      Senior      400 Meters

Emily Manfra      Stoneham      Senior      400 Meters

Julia Gake      Wilmington      Senior      800 Meters

Emma Garrity      Wilmington      Freshman      800 Meters

Julia Houasse      Burlington      Freshman      800 Meters

Elizabeth Hirsch      Melrose      Senior      Two Mile

Elizabeth Powderly      Watertown      Soph.      Two Mile

Eadeen Beck      Wakefield      Freshman      Shot Put

Nina Nguyen      Burlington      Senior      Shot Put

Julia Derendal      Wakefield      Senior      Javelin

Jamie Shanning      Wilmington      Senior      Javelin

L. Basque-Hamilton      Stoneham      Senior      Discus

Anne Morrison      Melrose      Junior      Long Jump

Sam Ross      Wakefield      Senior      Triple Jump

Mikenna Mattson      Burlington      Junior      High Jump

Hailey Moss      Melrose      Senior      High Jump

Emily Donovan      Melrose      Senior      High Jump

Taeya Peroni      Wilmington      Freshman      4×100 Relay

Kaila Bauin      Wilmington      Junior      4×100 Relay

Heather Niemic      Wilmington      Junior      4×100 Relay

Kate Thompson      Wilmington      Freshman      4×100 Relay

Sydney Matai      Burlington      Freshman      4×400 Relay

Carolyne Bonetti      Burlington      Junior      4×400 Relay

Auyanna Monroe      Burlington      Junior      4×400 Relay

Rylee Glennon      Burlington      Freshman      4×400 Relay

Co-MVPs — Julia Derendal, Wakefield; Anne Morrison, Melrose


Liberty Division

Name      School      Grade      Event

Sydney Young      Woburn      Senior      High Jump

Cayla Barretto      Woburn      Junior      Mile

Ashley Garvey      Woburn      Junior      Shot Put

Kat Turner      Woburn      Junior      Hurdles

Avery Leydon      Woburn      Soph.      400 Meters

Ali Hurley      Woburn      Soph.      Mile

Paige Donahue      Reading      Senior      Javelin

Emily Allardi      Reading      Junior      Triple Jump

Shannon Parks      Reading      Soph.      Shot Put

Haley Lightbody      Reading      Freshman      Long Jump

Tarvis Hintlian      Winchester      Junior      Two Mile

Abby Joseph      Winchester      Junior      Long Jump

Anna Madden      Winchester      Junior      Long Jump

Alexandra Cox      Lexington      Senior      4×100 Relay

Reid Nichols      Lexington      Senior      4×100 Relay

Ellery Plansky      Lexington      Senior      Javelin

Rebecca Pion      Lexington      Senior      400 Hurdles

Jessica Foley      Lexington      Senior      400 Meters

Rebecca Andersen      Lexington      Senior      Discus

Melissa Solomon      Lexington      Senior      400 Meters

India Johnson      Lexington      Junior      4×100 Relay

Jessica Wang      Lexington      Junior      4×100 Relay

Alexandra Wolf      Lexington      Junior      800 Meters

Kesinia Sortor      Lexington      Freshman      Mile

Meggie MacAulay      Belmont      Senior      4×400 Relay

Katrina Rokosz      Belmont      Senior      Javelin

Rachel Berets      Belmont      Junior      Hurdles

Julia Cella      Belmont      Junior      4×400 Relay

Danielle Kelly      Belmont      Junior      4×400 Relay

Ally Bailey      Belmont      Junior      800 Meters

Sara Naumann      Belmont      Junior      4×400 Relay

M. Veeser-Bobea      Arlington      Senior      100 Meters

MVP — Meggie MacAulay, Belmont