GOLF CAPTAINS Jason Pino, Patrick Cotter, AJ Dell Isola, and Sean Donovan are getting the job done for 3-1 Melrose. (Michelle Dell Isola photo)

3-1 going into the ML Shootout



MELROSE—The Melrose High golf team is an impressive 3-1 after their first few weeks of play which includes two key Middlesex Freedom League wins and an impressive victory on Sept. 14 over Lexington.

This week Melrose will host Woburn on Wednesday and travel to Winchester on Thursday (post deadline).

Several Melrose shooters are currently enjoying strong win-loss records to date which includes Jason Pino (3-1) and Roddy McGillicuddy (3-1) while Melrose’s top three shooters, AJ Dell Isola, Pat Cotter and Matthew Fuccione (respectively) have managed to help Melrose sweep their first three matches. That includes both Stoneham and Wilmington to open the season and later a 45-26 win over Lexington on the road on September 14. Against Lexington, Melrose swept all but one spot.

Just one day later, and with no rest, Melrose was up again, this time against Reading but they uncharacteristically fell 38.5-33.5. “We were down a top player against Reading and that kind of hurt us,” says Melrose coach Rick McDermod.

Overall, Melrose is cruising right along and keeping one eye open the upcoming Middlesex League Shoot out on Sept. 29 when they will send three representatives to Bear Hill Golf Club. Notes the coach, “We’ve already played there this year so that’s an advantage for us.” Look for Melrose to also be in a good place to take part in the Div. 2 Qualifier on Oct. 17.

If Melrose has one advantage this year, it’s depth, which may put them in the driver’s seat for another league title. But it could be that all roads go through Wakefield, who are currently 2-1 in their early season. Says McDermod, “When it comes to matches like this, whoever has home course advantage can prevail. In this case we have it, which we’re pleased about.” The two teams will face each other on Sept 29 at Bellevue Country Club. There’s no reason not to be optimistic.

Notes the coach, “We’re a pretty good team. But we must remain consistent and not give away holes. I’d rather them drive with a putter than lose a ball on the first hole out on Meadowview Road,” he chuckles. “Just keep it in play. It’s my best advice.”