underconstruction_webNORTH READING — School and district administrators have been informed by Gilbane Construction that paving, concrete and stone work will begin in the front of the high school on May 1. The impact of this work will eliminate the formal “front” of the building as an entrance or egress until the completion of the work which is expected to run through June 30.

As such, the following steps have been taken: 

1. Access to the high school will be via the Park Street entrance only from May 1 through the last day of school which is expected to be June 29. The sole exception will be for buses and/or school vans which will continue to use the Oakdale/Sherman Road entrance for student drop off and pick up.

2. All student access to the building from bus/van drop off and pick up via Oakdale/Sherman Road will be through the west first floor doors of the main academic building.

3. In the event of an evacuation, all classrooms and locations on the second floor will exit the building via the secondary evacuation route. This information has been communicated to all students, faculty and staff.