Published in the October 12, 2016 edition


WAKEFIELD — Judging from the small sample of voters we ran into in the downtown yesterday who were willing to talk about the presidential election, people in Wakefield are split in terms of which candidate they favor. Most, however, did agree on two things: that the choices being offered by the major parties leave a lot to be desired and they don’t care about the candidates’ personal lives.
“I’m 100 percent in favor of Trump,” said Mary Maloney of Lafayette Street. “I really think that personal stuff should be left by the wayside. That’s useless. Why not talk about facts, figures and the economy?”
Maloney said that she didn’t watch the debates but has since caught up on what took place.
“I think other countries are laughing at this situation,” said Maloney, who is originally from Scotland. “It’s a big joke. It’s too bad we didn’t have better people running. Leave the personal stuff out.”
Jo Lazzaro of Strathmore Road had a very different take.
“I have no use for Trump,” she said. “I think he’s a racist. I just think it would be a disaster if we elected him. Hillary still has a lot of baggage, there’s no denying that. But I just can’t imagine Trump as president.”
Lazzaro said that she watched the first debate but not the second one, “because I thought, neither one of them is going say anything to change my mind. I just get frustrated with him.”
Connor Barry, who lives on the Stoneham-Wakefield line, said that he had no use for the Democrats or the Republicans, so he’ll be voting for the Libertarian ticket of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld.
“I’m 22 years old and it seems to get progressively worse as the years go by as far as the candidates go,” Barry said. “I think everyone is upset about the options we have as far as the two parties go. I have to go with the third party in this election just because it’s the only voice I can align myself with.”
Barry said that he has watched all of the debates.
“It’s just disheartening, as a citizen,” he said. “You’ve either got a crazy guy or someone who is obviously a little bit corrupt – questionable to say the least.”
Barry said that he used to be “a Democrat through and through,” but not anymore.
“I just don’t agree with the party,” he said, adding that he thought Bernie Sanders was “too far left.”
Bill Carbone of Park Street said that he feels that the general tenor of the presidential campaign has been “terrible.”
“They act like a bunch of kids,” he said. “I blame everybody, Republicans and Democrats. They’re all alike as far as I’m concerned.”
Carbone’s worry is that whoever gets elected, the middle class gets hurt.
“The guy that goes to work every day – I don’t know how he pays his bills,” he said. “Pretty soon the poor working guy can’t afford to go to work after he pays all his bills. You force him to go on welfare. If you’re not making $100,000, you can’t run a family today. It’s impossible.”
Carbone said that he did watch the debates but finds it frustrating listening to “millionaires and billionaires” arguing about nonsense.
“Who cares about their private lives?” he said. “I care about the issues. The guy that’s working hasn’t got time. He’s working two or three jobs just to pay the rent.”
Sidney Frank of Peasant Street said that Hillary Clinton will get his vote.
“I think Trump is an abomination and never should have been put up by the Republicans,” he said.
He watched both debates.
“I think Trump showed what he is,” Frank said. “I think Hillary will do a great job. She’s well qualified, obviously. And anyone who votes for Trump – well I wouldn’t call them deplorable – pretty sad, though.”
Mert Shea of Water Street said he will be casting his vote for Donald Trump.
“Being a Republican in a Democratic state,” Shea said, “it’s very difficult. I’ve always been a Republican and I am for Trump because I really dislike Hillary. She has so much baggage and I really don’t like the way she’s running her campaign. I don’t like the way Trump’s running his either.”
Shea said that he did watch the first debate but didn’t watch the second Clinton-Trump forum.
“I listen and read a lot of the commentaries in the very biased media,” Shea said, “and they all tell how bad Trump is but not one of them is willing to say how good Hillary is. And no one will say she has any accomplishments. She doesn’t.”