NEW POLICE SERGEANT Jonathan Santos (left) was congratulated by Chief Nick Secatore after the Select Board voted to promote Santos from patrolman to sergeant on Feb. 7. (Dan Tomasello Photo)



LYNFIELD — The Police Department has a new sergeant.

The Select Board unanimously voted to appoint Patrolman Jonathan Santos as the Police Department’s newest sergeant on Feb. 7. He succeeds Police Captain Chris DeCarlo, who was promoted from sergeant to captain last December.

Police Chief Nick Secatore said Santos took the Civil Service Sergeant exam last year, and received the highest score.

“Jonathan has been a member of the Police Department since 2016,” said Secatore. “He has also served as the Animal Control Officer and as a dispatcher.”

Santos received a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and a certificate in Human Resource Management from Southern New Hampshire University in April 2013. He earned a bachelor of science degree in Business Administration from SNHU in May 2011.

Secatore said Santos worked as a dispatcher from March 2016 through May 2017.

“Jonathan maintains all of his certifications, and is still certified as a dispatcher,” said Secatore. “He helps us out from time to time when we need a dispatcher.”

Secatore said Santos started working as a Lynnfield Police Patrolman in June 2017.

“Jonathan has received training in criminal investigations,” said Secatore.

Secatore said Santos started working as an acting police sergeant last December.

“We named Jonathan as an interim supervisor last December,” said Secatore. “He is currently supervising the day shift from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. We are here to ask the board to consider appointing Jonathan to the rank of sergeant.”

Town Administrator Rob Dolan agreed.

“He will be a great addition to the Police Department’s leadership team,” said Dolan.

Select Board Chairman Dick Dalton expressed his support for appointing Santos as the Police Department’s newest sergeant.

“I know Chief Secatore holds Jonathan in high regard,” said Dalton. “He has in effect been doing the job over the last few months.”

Select Board Joe Connell said Santos’ “skillset and expertise” will serve him well as a police sergeant.

“Being promoted shows what Jonathan can do,” said Connell. “The chief and the board have that faith in him.”

Dalton noted that Civil Service requires town administrators such as Dolan to be the “appointing authority” when it comes to police promotions.

“The board’s vote is mainly to show concurrence with the chief’s recommendation,” said Dalton.

After the discussion, the Select Board voted 2-0 to sign off on Dolan and Secatore’s recommendation that Santos be appointed as the Police Department’s new sergeant. Select Board member Phil Crawford was not present at the meeting.

“Congratulations Jonathan,” said Dalton.

Santos was given a round of applause by a large group of Lynnfield Police Officers who attended the meeting as well as his family.

“I want to thank the Select Board, Town Administrator Rob Dolan and Chief Secatore for their kind words and support,” said Santos. “I want to thank my co-workers who are here as well as the ones who were unable to make it unfortunately. They have been supporting me since I walked in the door as a dispatcher. I want to thank my family who helped me greatly prepare for this promotion.”

Santos said he is “excited” to be appointed as a Lynnfield Police sergeant.

“It’s an honor,” said Santos. “Lynnfield is a great community to work in. I am looking forward to the future.”

After Santos concluded his remarks, he was given another round of applause.