LYNNFIELD — The Police Department is investigating anti-Semitic graffiti that was discovered at Glen Meadow Park on the morning of Wednesday, July 21.

A spray painted swastika, the name “Hitler” and an obscene image of male genitalia were discovered on the back of a shed. Lynnfield resident Matthew Donahue and his twin brother, James, discovered the graffiti on the shed after the Lynnfield Little League volunteers went down to Glen Meadow Park in order to check on the fields.

“We were excited and happy for the upcoming Jimmy Fund game, but that quickly turned to disgust,” stated Donahue on his Facebook page. “As we approached the shed and observed the hatred spray painted on the shed, my stomach turned and I wanted to vomit. This is absolutely unacceptable and heartbreaking. We were both saddened and disgusted as our wives and children are Jewish. To watch and see how upset and sick to their stomachs they were after informing them of what we discovered was so painful to watch. Hate has no place in Lynnfield or anywhere!”

Police were immediately notified about the incident and documented the scene. The DPW painted over the offensive images immediately.

The Lynnfield Police Department is currently investing the anti-Semitic graffiti. If anyone has any information about this incident, they should call the Police Department at (781)- 334-3131.

The Select Board, Town Administrator Rob Dolan, Interim Police Chief Nick Secatore and School Superintendent Kristen Vogel condemned the incident in a statement emailed to the Villager.

“The town of Lynnfield will not tolerate hate speech and discrimination and as town officials, we condemn all acts that would seek to glorify the unspeakable atrocities committed under the Nazi regime against the Jewish community and other groups and those who would attempt to extend its legacy of hate,” the officials wrote. “We are confident that the Police Department will, as it has in the past, take the necessary measures to successfully identify the perpetrators of this crime and hold them responsible.

“We continue to state in the strongest terms possible that these shameful acts are unacceptable and are contrary to all we stand for as a community,” the officials continued. “We thank the residents of Lynnfield for standing together against such acts in the past and pledge we will continue to stand with you to uphold the values of tolerance, acceptance and unity that the town of Lynnfield holds dear.”

There have been a number of anti-Semitic and racist incidents that have occurred in town over the past year. Racist graffiti was discovered on a stream crossing in the Beaver Dam Brook conservation area in June 2020. There were several residents that had their Black Lives Matter signs stolen and property vandalized last summer and fall. A Summer Street man and his stepfather last September pleaded not guilty in Peabody District Court to charges related to acts of racially motivated vandalism at a Summer Street family’s home. In late June, a group of eighth-graders called two children the “N-word” at MarketStreet.

A number of residents commended the Anti-Semitic graffiti on Facebook.

“So disheartened to see another act of hate in town,” Russet Lane resident Kathryn Price wrote. “My family and many others died under this symbol. This is the second time this year that the use of this symbol has happened, and only one month ago was the use of a slur to young children in an awful encounter at MarketStreet. This has to stop!”

Hampton Court resident Heather Rose agreed.

“I am so disgusted and disappointed,” Rose wrote. “Again.”

Village Row resident Christina Hayman called the incident “appalling.”

“What is wrong with people?” Hayman asked.

“Absolutely disgusting,” stated Tracy Miller Geary.