Charlie Richter served for 16 years


LYNNFIELD — A highly regarded local official is leaving town at the end of the month.

Town Engineer Charlie Richter is biding farewell to Lynnfield after a 16-year tenure because he and his family decided to relocate to the Midwest. He is currently a Wakefield resident.

“My family and I are headed to Brookings, South Dakota,” said Richter in an interview with the Villager. “My wife is from there, and we have decided to be closer to family. I have taken a position as city engineer there, which should suit me well after my time in Lynnfield. While my family and I are very excited about this big move, I’ll be leaving a community that I loved working for.”


Over the course of Richter’s tenure, he has worked on a variety of projects pertaining to parks, drainage systems, roads and town buildings.

“Some of the most rewarding projects I have done revolve around drainage issues people had dealt with for years,” said Richter. “Flooding in locations like Grey Lane, Yorkshire Drive, Ledge Road and Longbow Circle caused people a considerable amount of stress and cost them money. I was able to make a difference by addressing those issues.”

Richter said he is incredibly proud of the improvements made to the Town Common over the last few years.

“The Common renovation project was one of my favorite projects in my 16 years on the job,” said Richter. “It was something you don’t get to do every day. I was able to use my creative side in order to enhance the project. I think it’s a great focal point for the town, and I am hoping that the work we did over the past year will encourage the community to utilize this great resource. It was very rewarding to work on that project.”

Richter also said he enjoyed helping the town and residents overcome a number of different obstacles over the last 16 years.

“I enjoyed working with people while trying to address the issues that they faced,” said Richter. “It was very rewarding when I was able to solve a serious issue that they were facing and/or a long-standing issue that they have been dealing with.”

DPW Director John Tomasz said Richter is a valuable member of the department who will be greatly missed.

“We are really going to miss Charlie,” said Tomasz. “He is a great resource and knows the town like the back of his hand. I wish we could extract all of his 16 years of knowledge. He has been great with the public and the different boards and commissions. He is going to be missed.”

Select Board Chairman Dick Dalton said Richter has been a dedicated local official for the past 16 years.

“I have been dealing with Charlie for well over 15 years going back to when I served on the Planning Board,” said Dalton. “Whenever he appeared before the Planning Board, it was easy to appreciate what a knowledgeable professional he is. He has been a valuable member of the town’s management team. He did a great job dealing with the public, which is very much appreciated.”

Town Administrator Rob Dolan concurred with Dalton’s point of view.

“Charlie has been invaluable to the town over the course of his 16-years tenure,” said Dolan. “Whether it’s the Town Common renovation project or his knowledge about infrastructure, Charlie’s work helps make the town run.”

Planning and Conservation Director Emilie Cademartori agreed.

“Our Planning Board members and Conservation Commissioners have truly benefited from working with Charlie,” said Cademartori. “They look to him for his professional opinion and extensive town knowledge for any new town projects, whether they be comprehensive infrastructure or stormwater projects or new subdivisions and roadways. Charlie has a great sense of how to balance the financial constraints of the town with project goals. In particular, we’ve all been impressed with the level of care and attention he provides to residents in addressing their concerns.”

Richter said he is going to miss working with Town Hall employees as well as residents.

“The people I have dealt with over the years have been great,” said Richter. “I have developed great relationships with many people in Town Hall and in the town. They will be missed. I am lucky to be leaving a community that I enjoyed working in. I’d like to thank everyone for all of their help over the years. It has been a pleasure.”

Tomasz informed the Villager that the town is currently advertising the town engineer position.

“We would like to have someone in by the middle of August,” said Tomasz. “Not only do we have the school project going on, we also have a lot of road projects that are going to start soon. I would love to get someone in who is comfortable with Chapter 90, roads and understands how public works functions. I also want someone who understands the roles of the Planning Board, Conservation Commission and Board of Health.”