SELECT BOARD CHAIRMAN Dick Dalton proudly displays the new composting kit he picked up from the DPW office at Town Hall last week. (Jennifer Welter Photo)


LYNNFIELD — DPW Director John Tomasz and the Recycling Committee are ramping up efforts to jump start resident participation in composting.

Local officials started encouraging more residents to start composting last July when Lynnfield was awarded a state grant that was used to implement a composting program. Grant funds were spent on community outreach efforts, including the free distribution of a number of backyard compost tumblers and numerous 13-gallon compost kits from Black Earth Compost, LLC. Residents can compost in their yards or collect compostable kitchen scraps for weekly pick-up by Black Earth.

“Right now, we are trying hard to incentivize residents to begin composting,” said Tomasz. “Taking organic matter out of the trash stream is not just environmentally beneficial, but provides the town significant disposal cost savings. Essentially, cities and towns are running out of landfill capacity for trash disposal, forcing much more expensive longer cross-state hauls to find capacity. Organic refuse recycling is coming and we are starting right now to prepare for that day when it becomes mandatory.”

Tomasz will soon accept another 30 to 40 13-gallon composting kits from Black Earth that residents will be able to secure free of charge. Townspeople who sign up with Black Earth will be entered into a drawing for a free tree that Tomasz will have planted in their front yard.

Black Earth CEO Conor Miller fully supports this incentive program. Once the number of participating residents reaches 200, he will drop the monthly collection cost for all Lynnfield participants. He will reduce it again at 400 participants.