THERMAL IMAGING CAMERAS support hands-on learning in MHS science classrooms.


MELROSE — Melrose High School science teachers are not letting the pandemic slow them down. With three different grants from the Melrose Education Foundation this year, they continue to bring innovative learning experiences to their students. Thermal imaging, DNA analysis and robotic microcontrollers have made their way into labs providing expanded access to hands-on science that ties into the world outside of the classroom.

Ms. Giovanardi, MHS CAD, Engineering and Architecture Teacher, shares “the professional development workshop I attended at MIT supported the development of engaging projects for the new Robotics class.” Dr. Hurley, MHS Chemistry and Science Teacher, says “our new thermal imaging cameras interface with Apple and Android devices and provide temperature readings as well, adding another layer of data to explore.” Ms. Scott, MHS Biology Teacher, is excited that “new DNA materials expand access for more students and results are available the same day.” In addition, the DNA kit manufacturer is working with Melrose teachers to build new curriculum.”

After a visit with Melrose science teachers this past December, Melrose Education Foundation Board member Chris Lee shared the following: “I was so excited by the enthusiasm of our teachers and their desire to provide applicable experiences that tie into the students’ world outside of the classroom. The teachers also conveyed, again and again, their appreciation for the support from the Melrose Education Foundation to make these opportunities available to students.”

The Melrose Education Foundation supports these grants and many more like it thanks to donations from local individuals to our Fund for Teacher Innovation. The Ed Foundation is committed to putting those donations to work immediately, granting funds directly to teachers to bring innovative learning opportunities to their students. We are proud to support Ms. Scott, Ms. Giovanardi, Dr. Hurley and 95 additional educators who are impacted by grants in the 2021/2022 school year.