LYNNFIELD — Five more incumbents have pulled nomination papers for the April 12 Town Election.

Housing Authority Board of Commissioners member Stephanie Petty pulled nomination papers on Jan. 4, and is running for a five-year term.

“In February of 2020, I was honored to be appointed by Selectman Dick Dalton and then-Selectman Chris Barrett to fill the vacant seat for the Lynnfield Housing Authority’s Board of Commissioners,” Petty stated in an email sent to the Villager. “I was later elected by Lynnfield residents at the Town Election on June 13, 2020 to complete the remaining term. Since February of 2020, I attended one in-person board meeting at the Housing Authority and then sadly COVID hit. Executive Director Daniel MacIntyre and the Housing Authority Board immediately turned to online remote meetings, which is how we have been meeting ever since.”

Petty said MacIntyre has done an “outstanding job” supporting the residents who live at Colonial Gardens.

“To say he worked tirelessly and continues to work tirelessly day in and day out to keep some of our most vulnerable residents safe from the virus and its variants would be a gross understatement,” said Petty. “I am proud to have been able to assist and support Mr. MacIntyre, and his staff, throughout the past two years. I am humbly asking for your vote for an additional five-year term at our next Town Election on Tuesday, April 12.”

Petty recalled that she has been a practicing Massachusetts attorney since 2003.

“I have extensive experience and expertise in many areas of the law, including real estate and various litigation,” said Petty. “I am the proud mom of three boys and despite our busy schedule, it’s imperative to me they grow up with a sense of civic and community pride and, in my opinion, there’s no better way to teach than by example.”

Select Board Chairman Dick Dalton has returned his nomination papers to the Town Clerk’s Office. He is running for a third three-year term.

“I am running for re-election to the Select Board, and I have submitted the required signatures to the town clerk,” stated Dalton in an email sent to the Villager. “I look forward to the opportunity to continue serving this community that means so much to both me and my family. I’ve been very fortunate to have served these past six years with committed Select Board members and to have interacted with countless citizens who serve on committees and boards, and I take pride in my ability to seek out and value public input from all citizens. As a leadership team, we have been able to work together cohesively and deliver results that are always in the best interests of the town.”

Dalton highlighted several accomplishments over his last nine months as chairman. He said the elementary schools’ expansion project is “on time and under budget.” He also noted that the Select Board hired Nick Secatore as police chief and voted to acquire the Richardson Green property on upper Main Street. He is also working with local and school officials in order to develop “a fiscally responsible budget that addresses the needs of the town while recognizing its limited resources.”

“While much has been accomplished these past few years, there is still much to do,” said Dalton. “And I hope that the voters of Lynnfield provide me with the opportunity to once again serve on the Select Board. I respectfully ask for your vote this April.”

Town Moderator Joe Markey pulled nomination papers on Tuesday, Jan. 4. He is running for a fourth one-year term.

“As moderator for another term, I will continue to serve as a careful steward of Lynnfield’s Town Meeting traditions,” Markey stated in an email sent to the Villager. “We must ensure that we build momentum towards diversity and inclusion while still preserving Lynnfield’s character, values and history. We must strive for informed, thoughtful and respectful deliberation on the issues that come before Town Meeting and hope for prudent decision-making.”

Markey said he will “work diligently to balance full and fair discussion with sensible and efficient time management” while presiding over future Town Meetings.

“In appointing members of our Finance Committee, I will continue to aim for a balance of profiles, backgrounds and viewpoints that reflects Lynnfield as a whole, and vests the Finance Committee with the experience and skill-sets it needs to advise Town Meeting on the financial issues before it,” said Markey. “I’m proud of the reforms and enhancements that we’ve implemented at Town Meeting, namely financial transparency rules and conducting Town Meeting outside to prevent the spread of COVID-19. I will continue to be an independent and transparent leader ensuring that all voices are heard when making our critical town decisions.”

School Committee Chairman Rich Sjoberg pulled papers on Wednesday, Jan. 5. He is running for a third three-year term.

Board of Assessors member Richard O’Neil Jr. pulled nomination papers on Tuesday, Jan. 11. He is running for a three-year term.

School Committee Vice Chairwoman Stacy Dahlstedt has pulled papers and is running for a second three-year term.

Planning Board Chairman Brian Charville is eligible to run for a second five-year term in the April Town Election.

Library Trustees Vice Chairwoman Faith Honer-Coakley and Library Trustee Richard Mazzola are both able to run for three-year terms.

Candidates who pull nomination papers are required to receive at least 50 signatures of registered voters in order to have a their name appear on the ballot. The last day to submit nomination papers is Tuesday, Feb. 22 at 5 p.m.