Published in the December 6, 2019 edition.


WAKEFIELD — The School Committee is very pleased with Doug Lyons’ performance as Superintendent of Schools and that consensus was reflected in their discussion of his recent performance evaluation at last week’s meeting.

School Committee Chairman Christopher Callanan noted that members met individually with Lyons and completed their evaluations using a form provided by the Massachusetts Department of Education. Callanan then averaged the scores and summarized their narrative comments.

The superintendent scored “very highly” in all areas, Callanan observed, achieving ratings of “proficient” in most areas and “exemplary” in the rest. “The committee had very positive feedback about Mr. Lyons and his commitment to the students of Wakefield.”

In his summary of of the committee’s evaluation, Callanan described Lyons as a “dedicated, caring, thoughtful and hard-working superintendent.”

Lyons received special praise for developing curriculum across the district as well as for the plan he has implemented for continual curriculum review.

He was praised for his engagement both within the schools and in the community at large. “I think he spends more time in Wakefield than he does at home,” Callanan said.

The School Committee was also pleased with Lyons’ fiscal performance and management of the budget.

Members also saw Lyons as a team player who works well with other town leaders and department heads.

Individual School Committee members also offered comments at last week’s meeting. Aimee Purcell said that Lyons was “doing a good job” but she would like to see improvement in communicating some of the good things that the schools are doing. She also suggested that the School Department web site could be improved.

Suzy Vellieux praised Lyons for his use of data in making decisions. She also appreciated the time that Lyons has taken with her as a new School Committee member.

Colleen Guida also praised Lyons for keeping School Committee members in the loop. “You always have the time to reach out and get our opinions,” she said.

Committee member Tom Flynn told Lyons that he appreciated the dedication and time that he puts into the district. “You’re always here,” he said.

Anne Marie Fortier praised Lyons for “always moving forward” and for being “a tremendous role model for the district and a valuable person for the Wakefield community.”

Callanan noted that most people don’t realize that School Superintendent is a 24/7 job. He also noted that at the same time, Lyons is working on his doctoral dissertation. He reminded Lyons that he needs to maintain a work/life balance.

“We don’t want to burn you out,” Callanan said.

Lyons thanked School Committee members for their kind words and feedback.

“It takes a group to make all this work,” Lyons said, adding that a lot of the positive feedback reflects upon the School Department’s administrative team, including Assistant Superintendent Kara Mauro and School Business Administrator Christine Bufagna.

“I’m grateful to be here,” Lyons said.