MELROSE Following the unanimous vote of the Melrose City Council to approve a $21M bond for the renovation of the Melrose Public Library building, Mayor Paul Brodeur and City Council President Chris Cinella signed the bond authorization order to make the library project official.

With Library Director Linda Gardener, Library Trustee Chair Edward W. Waystack, City Counselors Jeff McNaught and Robb Stewart and City staff members Denise Gaffey and Margot Fleischman looking on, Brodeur celebrated the order’s passage with a brief signing ceremony in front of the historic 1904 Carnegie library building that will be restored in the course of the project.

While the order was written to authorize borrowing for the full cost to renovate the original library building and replace the 1963 addition, this project will be funded in part by the Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program administered by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC). In addition to $8.2 M of grant funds from the MBLC, a $2M donation made by the Melrose Library Trustees will reduce the cost to the City of the library project to approximately $10.8M.

“I am so grateful for the unanimous support of the City Council,” said Library Director Linda Gardener. “They really took the time to understand the project and what it means to the entire Melrose community.”

Cincella agreed.

“The process to get to this outcome was very thorough,” said Cinella. “Every Councilor recognizes what a community asset the library is, whether for families with young kids, our seniors, or people who need a place to work away from home.”

Brodeur concurred with Gardener and Cincella’s viewpoints.

“This is such a win for everyone in Melrose. I’m deeply appreciative to the City Council for their thoughtful deliberation,” said Brodeur. “With such a significant appropriation and a high level public interest, I know all the Councilors took their responsibility seriously. I’m incredibly proud of the project team for all their hard work and the many hours they put into this effort.”

Following the bond authorization, the project will move toward final design over the next several months with construction expected to start sometime in the fall of 2022.

To learn more about the library building project, visit the City website and sign up for updates.