Published in the June 19, 2015 edition



Nationals 14, Reds 3. The Nationals defeated the Reds for their 10th victory of the year and were led on the mound by Liam McCall, Michael Overlan and Aidan Pacor. The Reds had good pitching from Connor Doherty, Will Schein, Richie Ciulla and Hannah Connolly. Ryan Constantino led the offense for the Nationals with a 4-4 night at the plate and Matt Tarpey, Sean Thomas and Ella DeCecca all contributed with key hits. Tyler Tobin hit a 2 run homer for the Reds and the Reds enjoyed contributions on offense from Owen Spencer, Matt Schwarze, AJ Norton, Jefferson and Will Duggan. Nationals defense led by Jaret Crockwell, Braden Fitzpatrick and Ethan Witkowski.

Nationals 8, Churchill Tigers 8. In competitive back and forth game the Tigers and Nationals tied 8-8 on a beautiful Saturday morning. Excellent pitching on both teams with The Nationals led by Aidan Pacor and Michael Overlan and the Tigers by Liam Gage, Nick Lecce and Drew Harrington. The Tigers got timely offense by Brady Pitcher, Shea Fogarty, Mason White and Noah White. The offense for the Nationals had timely hitting from Sean Thomas, Matt Tarpey, Ryan Constantino and Braden Fitzpatrick. The defense for the Tigers was led by Stephen Fogarty, Andrew Izzi and Tommy Bergin. The defense for the Nationals was lead by the catcher Ethan Witkowski and Jaret Crockwell.

Nationals 3 Astros 1. The Nationals clinched first place with an win in extra innings over the Astros. The game was tied 1-1 after and Michael Overlan hit a two Run Homerun to put the Nats up 3-1. Overlan pitch a complete home with 9 Stakeouts and giving up 6 hits. The Astros got excellent pitching from Colby Moss and Dylan Driscoll. The Nationals got on the board first with a hit from Katie Tarpey and scoring on a double from Ella DeCecca. The Nations played excellent defense all night behind Overlan and were lead by Aidan pacor, Braden Fitzpatrick, Sean Thomas and Matt Tarpey. The Astros had excellent defense as well by Leonardo Vesquez Sam Chetkin, Max Brown and Andrew Beauchene. The Offense for Nats had contributions from Liam McCall, Ryan Constantino and Jaret Crockwell. Both teams catchers played very well, Peter Santos for the Astros and Ethan Witkowski for the Nationals. The Astros got hits from Jacob Pearl, Nick Sasso and Ben Lessor.

(Interleague) Red Sox 7 Nationals 6. The Red Sox won a come from behind came with a walk win lead by a a two RBI single from Matthew Fox. The Red Sox got good pitching from CJ Maher, Anthony Dimare and Joey Dimare. The Nationals got strong pitching performance from Aidan Pacor, Katie Tarpey, Ethan Witkowski, Jared Crockwell and Ella DeCecca. The bats for Red Sox were lead by Matt Whalen, Max Kirby, Colin Bakey and Joe Mereulllo. The Nationals had good hitting from Ryan Constantino, Braden Fitzpatrick, Michael Overlan Matt Tarpey and Sean Thomas. The Reds Sox defense got good plays from Zachery Federico and Mike Maher


Padres 19 and Mets 10 at Conant Park. Mets offense was lead by all-star Nick Dulling (2 hits, run) and all-star Derek Aquino (2 hits, run, RBI). Griffin McGahan, Jaiden Aquino, Jesse Delaurier and Andy DiFiore (2 hits) all added hits for the Mets, while Ian Kamosa, Jack Claeys and Tyler Constantino. Jackson Curran knocked in a run and Aidan and Cam MacIntosh anchored the Mets defense. Padres starting pitcher Lucas Donahue (6 RBI) led the way on this night, pitching two solid innings and hitting an inside the park grand slam in a wild 4th inning. Another offensive explosion was sparked by the Padres all-star quintet of Steven Edwards (3 runs), CJ Moriconi (hit, double, 2 runs, 3 RBI), Colin Walsh (double, 2 runs, 2 RBI), Nicholas Hitchman (2 hits, 2 runs, RBI) and leadoff man Michael Thomas (2 hits, 2 runs, 2 RBI). Jimmy Biblios, Chase Auld and Johnny Biblios all drove in runs for the Padres, while Max Johnston, Karden Auld and relief pitcher Darel Parent all scored runs for the Padres.

Padres 3, Pirates 3 at Conant Park. The Pirates were led defensively by starting pitcher Joe Kelleher, who pitched with skill and determination, limiting the high flying Padres to three runs while striking out 11 in four innings of work. Also providing solid defense for the Pirates were Sasha Sevastyanov, catcher Jonathan Borenstein and Cameron Dunn. Drew Hebert added a hit for the Pirate offense, Colm Flood and Ryan Connarton added RBIs and Tom Butler, Kieran Dunn and Liam Thompson all scored runs for the Pirates. Providing stellar defense for the Padres were Jimmy Biblios, Nicholas Hitchman, Karden Auld, Darel Parent, Lucas Donahue and Steven Edwards. Max Johnston led the Padres offense, driving in Michael Thomas and CJ Moriconi with a big RBI single and Johnny Biblios added another RBI hit to score Chase Auld. Colin Walsh and Moriconi pitched well in relief of Padres starter Thomas to help preserve the rain shortened tie.

Padres 16, Churchill American Bees 6. On a sizzling Saturday for baseball at Lewis Monk Field, the National League Padres offense was as hot as the 90 degree temperatures. The Padres used a 17 hit attack to defeat the talented, well coached, Churchill American Bees 16-6 in an interleague battle of second place teams. American League all-stars Ryan Dolan, Jack Lavery and Tyler Muse paced the Bees offense and defense. Atticus Beasley slugged a home run for the Bees, Alex Murray launched a double, Emma Desmond and Tommy Waden both scored runs and Amir Lahkiky, Matt Mahoney and Bennett Hogan all added RBIs for the Bees offense. The National Padres scored runs in bunches behind a towering triple to the fence by John Biblios, the three hit effort of Chase Auld, a single and double by Darel Parent, two runs and a hit for Lucas Donahue and a hit and a run for James Biblios. Smooth first baseman Max Johnston added a run and slick fielding Karden Auld (hit, RBI) turned in the defensive play of the year for the Padres with a sliding catch in left field to rob Jack Lavery of an extra base hit. National League all-stars Steven Edwards, Michael Thomas, Nicholas Hitchman, Colin Walsh and CJ Moriconi combined for eight hits, eight runs and nine RBI to lead the offensive outburst for the Padres.