Published in the October 8, 2015 edition

WAKEFIELD — No weapons of any kind were found during a sweep of the Galvin Middle School yesterday morning after a student overheard something of concern in the seventh grade portion of the third floor.

What that statement was hasn’t been released by administrators or police, who helped Galvin staff search lockers during a modified lockdown of the town’s most populous educational building. Faculty was instructed to keep students inside classrooms while authorities figured out what was happening.

Galvin Principal Adam Colantuoni sent out at least two email messages to school parents and guardians yesterday. The first read:

“This morning our school went into a lockdown to investigate a student statement that was overheard this morning in the hallway.

“The lockdown was conducted with the efforts of our school administrative team and Wakefield Police Department and lasted approximately 30 minutes.

“Upon close interaction and communication with our School Safety Officer and WPD, it was determined that our campus was safe and students were able to resume their classes.

“With today being an early release day, lunches have been shortened however every effort is being made for students to have lunch in the cafeteria.

“I am extremely proud of how our school community responded to this event today and this incident will continue to be investigated.”

Most of the school resumed business as usual after a half hour, with the seventh grade portion of the third floor in lockdown for a little while longer.

Last night the Galvin principal texted: “Thank you to the parents who have reached out to me today to provide information, ask additional questions and offer accolades for our actions.

“Several of these parents asked me about unfounded rumors and speculation in regard to the incident today.

“Today a statement was made by an unknown student in the hallways during passing time which prompted us to initiate our safety protocols. We were able to establish that at no time were students unsafe today, so I wish to reiterate to all parents that our students and staff are safe to come back to school in the morning.

“We encourage students and parents with any further information to contact one of our school administrators.

“We look forward to seeing our students tomorrow morning,” Colantuoni wrote.