Published in the September 14, 2017 edition


NORTH READING — The public is invited to comment on any of the proposed October Town Meeting warrant articles during the informational hearings being held at the Board of Selectmen’s meeting on Monday, Sept. 18.

The warrant for the Monday, Oct. 2 Town Meeting includes 19 warrant articles and was signed by the board at its Sept. 5 meeting. The board will meet in Room 14 at North Reading Town Hall, 235 North St., at 7 p.m. and the informational hearing portion of the agenda will be discussed starting at 8 p.m.

Any interested citizen is welcome to attend and participate in these hearings. The board holds these informational hearings prior to the fall and spring Town Meetings to foster greater public participation in the decision-making process that affect the town and its citizens. The information and concerns brought before the board by the public on these matters also enables the board members to make informed recommendations to the voters at Town Meeting.

The approved October Town Meeting warrant is as follows:

Article 1 – Hear and Act on Reports of Town Officers and Committees

Article 2 – Prior Year’s Bills

Article 3 – Transfer Funds to Capital Improvement Stabilization Fund

Article 4 – Appropriate Money to Stabilization Fund

Article 5 – Transfer Funds to Other Post Employment Benefits Liability Trust Fund

Article 6 – Amend FY 2018 Operating Budget

Article 7 – Fund Repairs to Town Buildings

Article 8 – Fund Town Facilities Master Plan

Article 9 – Appropriate Supplemental Funds for J.T. Berry/Lowell Road Property

Article 10 – Appropriate Funds for Study and Design of Water/Wastewater Connection

Article 11 – Authorize Intermunicipal Agreement with Town of Andover and Home-Rule Petition for Potable Water

Article 12 – Fund Construction of Pump Station, Reading and North Reading Water System Improvements for MWRA Water Interconnection and Acceptance of Water from MWRA

Article 13 – Authorize Intermunicipal Agreement with Town of Reading and Home-Rule Petition for Potable Water

Article 14 – Authorize Article 97 Legislation for Potable Water Interconnection with Town of Reading

Article 15 – Amend Code – General By-Laws – Social Host Responsibility

Article 16 – Amend Code – General By-Laws – Betterment Assessments

Article 17 – Appropriate Money for Special Counsel Legal Expenses

Article 18 – Sale of Land – 8 Devens Road (Map 42, Parcel 71)

Article 19 – Acquire Property for Public Potable Water Main: 100 Lowell Road (Map 14, Parcel 9).