Published in the September 6, 2018 edition


NORTH READING— School Committee members reviewed the committee’s goals for the 2018–19 school year at the meeting on August 27.

The purpose of the review was to finalize and approve the draft document created at the committee’s previous meeting.

The goals include four sections: leadership and governance, financial and asset management, educational program, and family and community relations.

According to the proposed document, the goals indicate that committee members will use policy as a governance tool to maximize student achievement and promote inclusion and equal access to all students.

A clear financial plan using long-term budgeting will be developed and will reflect and support district strategic initiatives.

The educational program goal seeks to enable the district to achieve the goals set forth in the current strategic plan, known as NRPS 2021, and maximize student performance.

School Committee members will also provide transparent communication with opportunities for feedback from all stakeholders, fostering active partnerships within the community.

Committee members discussed the wording of several activities under the various subheadings.

“The Parent University happened last year, so I think that (language) needs to be changed,” Vice Chairman Scott Buckley said. “Just get rid of the word ‘establishing.’ Support the Superintendent’s goal of an annual Parent University program.”

Committee members also agreed to change the wording regarding the district mobile app, which has moved from research to implementation and maintenance.

“I’ll make these changes (and) produce a new document for the September 10 meeting,” Superintendent Jon Bernard stated.

Committee Chairman Janene Imbriano noted that the committee would vote to approve the goals at the Monday, September 10 meeting.

Discussion surrounding the action plan for these goals is set for Monday, September 24.