Plastic-bag-recycling-webMELROSE — On Saturday, May 16, Melrose DPW is hosting a plastic bag recycling drop off event at the DPW Recycling Center at 72 Tremont St. from 8 a.m. to noon.

Despite the recycling symbol on plastic bags, they cannot go into your curbside recycling bins. They cause issues with the recycling process at recycling facilities. However, they can be recycled separately from regular curbside recycling year round at stores such as Whole Foods and Shaw’s. Most of the plastic bags and film is recycled into composite lumber for decks.

The plastic bags and film that will be accepted at the event include dry cleaning bags, produce bags, newspaper bags, case wrap (ex. wraps on beverage cases) and packing air pillows.

This is event is sponsored by Whole Foods Market, Melrose.

The items collected at all Saturday recycling events (besides Swap Day) include CRTs including televisions, monitors and lap tops ($10-$15), electronics, CFL bulbs, books, clothes, tires ($2-$8), mercury items, dried latex paint and metal goods ($20). Recycling Center stickers and recycling label stickers will be available for free.

For a listing of additional events or for more information, please visit the Melrose Recycles blog at or call 781-665-0142.