2014EarnerChart_LV_webLYNNFIELD — Thirty-three public employees earned six-figure salaries last year according to town documents released to the Villager last week.

According to data supplied by town treasurer Christine O’Sullivan and based on employees’ W-2 forms, Fire Captain Michael Feinberg topped the highest paid public employees list with $204,579.52. Town documents revealed Feinberg received a base salary of $94,193.36 while also earning $72,027.33 in EMS user fees, $37,917.75 in overtime and $441.08 in detail pay.

Patrolman Sean Kilroy earned the most of any member of the police department last year at 187,655.42, ranking him second overall. Kilroy received a base pay of $78,911 as well as $58,338 in detail pay and $50,406.42 in overtime.

Retired Town Administrator Bill Gustus was the third highest paid town employee last year with an annual salary of $176,868.99. Police Chief David Breen was fourth at a salary of $169,866.43.

Police Sergeant Sean Donovan was the fifth highest paid employee in town at $164,271.75. Donovan received $96,874.95 in base pay, $38,049.78 in overtime and $29,347.02 in private detail pay.

Additionally, there were 13 members of the police department who earned six-figure salaries. Salaries for police officers include base pay, overtime, details, holiday and longevity pay, clothing allowances and funds associated with the Quinn Bill. The Quinn Bill is a police career incentive program enacted in 1970 by the state legislature that encourages police officers in participating municipalities to earn degrees in law enforcement and criminal justice. The educational initiatives result in salary increases.

Retired patrolman Charles Peabody was ranked seventh on the list at $155,447.15, which includes $78,590.12 in base pay, $48,021.60 in overtime and $28,835.43 in private detail pay. Sergeant Louis Trapasso was ranked eighth on the list at $152,150.62. Trapasso received base pay of $93,305.91, $55,732.23 in overtime and $3,112.48 in private detail pay. Patrolman Michael Topping was 10th on the list at $136,502.74. Topping earned base pay of $81,777.86 plus $31,247.05 in overtime and $23,477.83 in private detail pay.

In addition to Feinberg, there were five members of the fire department who earned six figure salaries. Fire Lt. James Alexander was sixth on the list at $160,918.08. Fire Lt. Kevin Mutti was 14th on the list at $120,442.21. Firefighter Richard Ripley was 19th on the list at $116,057.83.

Fire captain John Walsh was 22nd on the list at $110,119.37. Fire Chief Mark Tetreault was 31st on the list at $104,349.65.

According to town documents, there were nine school department employees who received six-figure salaries. Superintendent of Schools Jane Tremblay was ninth on the list with a salary of $145,245.73. High School Principal Bob Cleary was 12th on the list at $131,660.35. Special Services Director Kara Mauro was 15th on the list at $119,216.26. Finance Director Tom Geary was 16th on the list at $119,141.43.

Middle School Principal Stephen Ralston was 17th on the list at $118,943.33. Huckleberry Hill School Principal Brian Bemiss was 24th on the list at $109,560.97. Summer Street School physical education teacher and wrestling/girls’ tennis coach Craig Stone was 25th on the list at $109,503.43. Summer Street School Principal Jennifer DiBiase was 29th on the list at $105,179.47. High School Assistant Principal Kevin Cyr was 32nd list at $103,393.59.

Town accountant Julianne McCarthy was ranked 30th on the list at $104,953.96.