Published in the August 3, 2017 edition.

NORTH READING – The North Reading Historical and Antiquarian Society will open the doors to the Putnam House during open houses from 1 to 3 p.m. on Wednesdays and Saturdays in August.

NORTH READING – In addition to offering tours of the historic 18th century house that played a key role in the founding of North Reading, visitors can view a new addition to the North Reading Historical and Antiquarian Society’s collection.

The society will be presenting World War II memorabilia from Priscilla Atwood Drinkwater, who served in the U.S. Naval Reserve Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service (WAVES) program from January 1944 to May 1946.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt authorized the Navy to accept women in the Naval Reserves in 1942 as part of the war effort. This program allowed the WAVES to protect the shore while men were sent out to sea. The program was ended after the war with Fleet Admiral Nimitz saying the WAVES “demonstrated qualities of competence, energy and loyalty.”

On display at the Putnam House in August will be Drinkwater’s uniform, photos and her album. Stop by the Putnam House this month and get a glimpse of not only North Reading artifacts, but an important piece of World War II history.