WAKEFIELD — Bad news travels fast but so does good news.

The good news is that people who gassed up their cars at Local Gas Station on North Avenue Tuesday night, Oct. 28, were given $10 gift cards.

The giveaway is all part of the mission of North Shore Random Acts of Kindness, a new social group of like-minded people who share the goal of giving back to surrounding communities.

And their mission is spreading.

On Oct. 28, Susan Collins, initiator of the Wakefield group, and her team of seven gathered at Local Gas Station on North Avenue to hand out the gift cards.

The gas station is owned and operated by Nick Tsitsinos and he was receptive to having the group use his station for their first gas card giveaway, said Collins.

“The customers were all very excited to receive the cards,” said Collins. “Some were apprehensive at first but when we explained what we were doing — with big smiles on our faces — that all changed.”

Many people, said Collins, shared stories about random acts of kindness they had received themselves or provided for someone else.

“You could just feel their excitement,” she said. “It was rewarding to see so many happy faces and know we we were making a difference in our community.”

Rada Frohlichstein, owner of Rada Boutique & Upscale Consignment on Main Street, said a gift card was given to one of her employees.

Now, Frohlichstein wants to continue the effort of North Shore Random Acts of Kindness through her own store.

“You have inspired us so much that we are placing a fundraising jar of RADA GIRLS random gifts of kindness in my store,” said Frohlichstein. “We will be collecting funds to spread the love this holiday season.”

In closing, Frohlichstein offered everyone in the group shot accompanying this story a $10 gift card to her store as a special thank you.