WAKEFIELD — The following young people have offered their snow shoveling services for those who need help this winter:

• Kevin Doherty, 11, is able to shovel snow in the upper Elm Street/Parker Road area. Contact Kevin’s mother at 617-365-7202.

• Meghan and Ryan Pescatore, 16 and 12 years old respectively, are interested in shoveling in the Montrose area. Contact their father at 617-285-7037.

• Brendan Coughlin can shovel in the Paon Blvd/Circle and Fosters Lane neighborhoods, as well as homes in the streets off Vernon Street between the Dolbeare School and the Lynnfield line. Contact number is 617-791-1646.

• Joseph Picano, 17, lives on Fox Road. Contact him at 781-245-6241.

• Zachary Kent, 11, can be contacted at 781-439-5869. He lives on Park Street and is willing to go from Park Street north to Lowell Street. With his father, he is also able to salt/sand and clear snow off roofs to help out with ice dams.

• Shawn Nelson, 28, can be reached at 857-251-1606. He says he can shovel all over town.

If you want your son or daughter to be added to our list of snow shovelers, send an e-mail to the Daily Item at news@dailyitem.com. On the subject line write “snow shoveling.” Include a daytime phone number where you can be contacted and the neighborhood where your children are willing to work. We prefer you add their ages as well.

The paper will list your children’s names, contact information and areas they can shovel.

The paper provides this service, which is most often used by senior citizens or those unable to dig themselves out for one reason or another. One thing we will not do is help anyone determine how much a shoveler should be paid. That’s between the shoveler and the customer.

Snow shoveling for money used to be a way many youths spent the aftermath of a winter’s storm. It provides exercise and generates some cash.

Let’s see if we can resurrect a fading winter tradition.