WAKEFIELD — The Recreation Commission believes that all children should be able to enjoy local playgrounds, so at a meeting last week members discussed and overwhelmingly voted to to pursue incorporating some equipment for handicapped children at the town’s parks.

It’s all in the preliminary stages, according to Recreation Director Dan McGrath, but the Recreation Commission is committed to making it happen.

“It’s long overdue,” he added.

He said that the Recreation Department will look into various types of swings for handicapped children. He noted that some of the units are expensive, in the $25,000 range, but there are much less costly models available as well.

“We will look at the options,” he said.

McGrath stressed that where the handicapped equipment will go will also have to be worked out. Any playground that receives the equipment will likely have to be resurfaced with clay or some other material to make it more easily accessible to wheel chairs than the wood chips or rubber pellets that are typically used.

“Every kid should have an outlet to play,” McGrath said.