MELROSE — On March 4 and 5, Melrose High’s Red Hawk Robotics team competed in the Week 1 Competition at Bridgewater High School. With a rocky start, the team was skeptical of their odds of placing high. Thanks to their consistent scouting, a method of data analysis to pick alliances, and over 50% more points than last year, and an incredible second day, they ended up making team history. In First Robotics Competitions, alliances are groups of three teams that compete against other alliances. This year, thanks to them placing 8th, Melrose got to be alliance captains, meaning they got to pick their partners. In this competition, Lowell and Farmington, Maine were the lucky winners. By the end of the second day, the Red Hawks alliance had placed 3rd out of the whole event, something Melrose has never seen before.

The Red Hawks have also made some more team history, winning the District Engineering Inspiration Award. This is one of the highest awards you can win at this event and makes the team one step closer to World Championships. This award qualifies them to win the same award at The New England Championships, and if they do, they immediately get to go to worlds in Houston.

The Red Hawks look forward to appearing in the Greater Boston competition in Revere. They have already made so much team history and it’s only been one competition, who knows what they will do next. Houston here they come!