WAKEFIELD — Ebola, a viral disease that has its origins in West Africa and is ravaging that area, is on the minds of many people lately — from the White House to Town Hall and everywhere in between.

At tonight’s school board meeting, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Stephen K. Zrike plans to speak about a letter dated Oct. 22 that he sent to all parents concerning Ebola and EV-D68, a rare virus that has infected more than 500 children across the country, sending them to hospitals with severe respiratory infections and breathing problems.

Since August, clusters of the respiratory disease have been reported across the country and five children, including one in New Jersey and another in Arizona, have died.

In his letter, Zrike stated that parents have expressed concerns about the impact of these outbreaks on young children and the steps they can take to prevent illness and protect their children.

He said that President Obama has made control of Ebola a top national security priority and more than $100 million has been spent fighting the Ebola outbreak since the first cases were reported last March in Africa.

“We continue to receive regular information from the Massachusetts Department of Education and the Centers for Disease Control about the disease,” Zrike wrote.

Board of Health Director Ruth Clay said she was aware of Dr. Zrike’s letter to parents.

“The town is staying apprised on all information,” said Clay. “I don’t expect Ebola to affect our region.”

The most recent information on Ebola can be found at Information about EV-D68 can be found at


Other topics listed on the school board agenda include:

• 2014-2015 School budget timeline

• Superintendent’s evaluation

• Town Meeting articles

• METCO anniversary celebration

• WAKE-UP Youth, Photo Voices

• Parent/community forums (Common Core discussion set for Monday, Nov. 3)

• Dropout report presented by Guidance Director AJ Beebe

• Approval of a Galvin Middle School field trip to Quebec City

• Acceptance of gifts