Published in the December 8, 2017 edition

ISAAC SEIDE and his youngest fans celebrate after Melrose’s historic Super Bowl victory on Saturday. (Donna Larsson photo)


MELROSE—Melrose junior running back Isaac Seide was the star of the day at the Div. 4 State Final at Gillette Stadium on Super Saturday after leading Melrose to the promise land with a 21-0 shutout over Nashoba—the city’s first Super Bowl win in history of the program. It’s been a breakout season for #4, who leads Div. 4 in touchdowns (22) and was recently named Div. 4 Player of the Year.  

After the game, teammates and family gathered at the stadium in celebration. There were many tears shed and rally songs belted out. Like his fellow Red Raiders, Seide tried to absorb the enormity of having accomplished what no other Melrose football team since 1946 could do. 

“It hasn’t settled in yet,” Seide said. “It’s incredible to go out and win this game. We worked hard for this and it means the world.”

Not surprisingly, Seide was swarmed by young fans who asked #4 for his autograph, a photo with him and some even presented him with tokens of gifts. It’s something the running back better get used to this when he returns as a senior in 2018. And yet Seide remains the consummate team player, quick to cast the spotlight away from him and towards his teammates.

After the win on Saturday, Seide spoke only of his brothers-in-arms. “Our line is amazing, I say this every day, they are the best in the state. They open the hole and I just run through and that’s how we’ve scored successfully,” he said. 

Winning wasn’t apparent, Seide said, until Melrose sophomore Chris Cusolito closed the door with his third quarter interception that killed a critical Nashoba scoring drive. “After his interception, it sort of settled in that we may have a win in front of us.” 

Another player on his mind on Saturday was senior running back Rey Guity. Seide acknowledged the incredible path his teammate carved during first half of the season, when Guity was among division leaders in touchdowns. Seven games into the season, the speedy Guity went down with an ACL injury that sidelined him for the season and required surgery last week. 

“My heart is out to my brother,” Seide says. “Ray is an excellent running back and then he came out and got hurt. I feel for him. So I put it on myself out there, and every carry I did, I did it for him.”

Melrose had the confidence coming into the game needed to win—the same resolve they showed all year, according to Seide. “We just played Melrose football. We were prepared for [Nashoba’s] schemes but all year we’ve been a second half team. We put our foot on the gas, and we go.”